Hashirama Senju

•THE GREATEST SUGAR DADDY ON EARTH. He is so kind. So generous. So charitable. He loves his sugar baby. You been having a bad day? Here’s a couple hundred to make you feel better, go buy lots of food and buy yourself some clothes just treat yourself he wants you to feel better

•Hashirama considers you less of his sugar baby and more like his friend (with benefits that are compensated with $ of course) like he actually enjoys your company. Which is why he needs a sugar baby who is willing to actually hang out with him, and not completely use him for money. I mean yeah he’d like to have a foxy cute sugar baby. but a sugar baby with personality

•If he’s a sugar daddy you know he’s rich as shit, and he probably got that busy schedule with his high-paying job, but he’d make time for his sugar baby. You’re feeling bored? Need something to do? He’ll come pick you up in his nice ass ride (Hmmm Audi? Benz? I’m thinking Porsche) and take you to a movie or something. Just something super simple and casual. Hashirama just likes to have fun and can have casual dates like that

•Of course he can treat you with some lavish living too. Allll the best and fanciest restaurants in town. When you two have your dates, that’s where he takes you. He just asks you what you’re in the mood for, and he makes reservations. Tells you to order whatever you want and how ever much you want even if the bill gets into four digits he doesn’t care, go for it

•I just had to throw this in there, but Hashirama gives such great tips. You hit the jackpot if you wait on Hashirama, he will give you month’s wages in tips. SO CHARITABLE

•Hashirama goes on business trips sometimes and he always brings his sugar baby souvenirs (he might even take you with him if you have the free time)


•I don’t even need to tell you that Hashirama can give you a good dicking, so you probably don’t have to fear the day you finally gotta come around and repay him. I mean, he doesn’t even make you ‘repay’ him I swear you could give him a kiss on the lips once a week and that’s it b that’s all you need

•Like, Hashirama only wants it when you want it. Okay that’s a lie like, he may really want you but he won’t do anything unless you come onto him first. BUT WHEN YOU DO HE’S SO EXCITED he just treats you. Hashirama is always treating you? Inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom

•He will go down on you for hoursssss until his jaw is aching and he feels like he’s gonna die but hey Hashi is a trooper he’d gladly die while going down on you r.i.p

•He has his own office like I already know he would invite his sugar baby to his office one day and yeah he’ll bang you in his office with no hesitation. Just closes the blinds and lies you down on his desk and DANG just goes at it (Tobirama’s office is right next to Hashi’s so he hears what’s going on in there and he goes beet red)


•Every once in a while he sorts out his schedule to match yours so he can find time for vacation, and he’ll take you on a weekend getaway wherever you want to go. Just stay in a nice hotel, order room service, some nice wine/champagne. Pop open a bottle and relax in the bath together. He’s gonna get frisky at some point. Sharing a bath just does something to him. And the minute you two have sex for the first time on this little vacation, that’s it. He’s having you every hour on the hour for the rest of the weekend like… what sex machine. How does he do it