Sure thing and thank you! Oh, and idk if you wanted hcs of Levi with a s/o or not. So I just made a combination of both.

Levi  Headcanons

  • Levi will not be very interested in romance, because there’s hardly any room for it with the type of life he lives
  • But if Levi where to fall for someone he will be very devoted to them. He just doesn’t want to lose any more people dear to him
  • Levi will be more harsh towards his s/o than others during training/missions just so others won’t think he favors them
  • Levi enjoys drinking his tea while reading. But if he has a s/o he enjoys drinking tea with them while he’s taking a break
  • He secretly thinks cats are the best gift from god, second after tea of course
  • He also enjoys when his s/o helps him out with the paperwork because it shows how he can always relay on them. Though, he doesn’t like relaying on others

It was short, but hope you liked it 🙂