Ino: Cute but casual. Like… you can stunt. You really can. She’d like that. Wear a nice dress, a nice fitting dress. She wants people to look over at y’all and think damn that’s a fine looking couple. But don’t overdo it

Sakura: Honestly first impressions are super important for Sakura so you should probably just dress like yourself. Dress too cute? She kind of expects you to dress cute everyday. She doesn’t like the idea of you showing off to impress her anyway. Literally just dress however you would normally dress. Something casual 

Hinata: Something long sleeved? Something cute and cozy tbh. With a little cute beanie or hat

Temari: Also into casual stuff. Temari is not one to overdress for dates so if you come overdressed, you two are gonna look super mismatched

Tenten: Hmmmmm maybe a cute skirt? Tenten isn’t impressed by ridiculously cutesy outfits. “Girly” outfits, really. But you can get away with a skirt