Sasuke picks at his nails a lot and also his cuticles. When he’s stressed, he bites at the inside of his mouth too. Like his cheeks and tongue. Embarrassing secrets? Hmmmm Sasuke once tried to shave his pubes all off? He doesn’t remember why. Maybe when he was much younger and didn’t know what the hell he was doing, he just saw the razor and tried it. But he did it so wrong and so abrasively. To this day, he has a weird little patch of hair down there that didn’t grow in right

Karin touches her face way too much and she’s always paranoid it’s going to give her pimples. Embarrassing, though maybe not a secret anyone would find surprising, she stole a pair of Sasuke’s underwear and still has them to this day

Juugo gets sick way too easily in the winter and has bad seasonal allergies, so he has this habit of stocking up his room with tissues. Juugo doesn’t have that many embarrassing secrets tbh. One time though, he fell asleep on the couch everyone in Team Taka shared, and drooled. Like a lot. He blamed the puddle on Suigetsu though. Said he was “leaking again”

Suigetsu is always biting his lip and that’s definitely not a good thing. Those sharp teeth are dangerous. Also, does not put the toilet seat down. It’s so annoying. Not super embarrassing, for Suigetsu at least (he was just annoyed) but one day he was in his room just chillin and decided to take a peek down his pants because idk? Boys do that sometimes? And Karin walked in and got a little sneak peek of what was in those pants and she screamed at him

Kakashi will whistle or hum a tune for like years and not know where he got it from. It’s annoying. He just doesn’t remember. Then he’ll wake up one day and be like ‘oh yeah that’s where I got it from’. Embarrassing secrets? Hm… Obito was pissing him off once and Kakashi also needed some money to buy snacks, so he stole money from Obito’s pocket when he wasn’t looking. But Minato-sensei saw. Minato reprimanded Kakashi in private. Kakashi feels bad about it now but hey, Obito had it coming. He was being particularly annoying that day

Naruto has so many embarrassing secrets but the worst come because he talks in his sleep. He says some pretty weird shit. One time, when they were out on their training travels, Jiraiya heard Naruto say that he stole one of Sakura’s dresses just for fun and wore it around his apartment. Or something like that. As for random habits, he chews his gum super loudly. Eats his food super loudly and sloppily too. It’s gross

Sakura has a habit of trimming her eyebrows too much. Sometimes she fucks up her eyebrows really bad. One of the biggest embarrassing secrets she has is kind of gross. She feels super bad about it though ( but at the time it was funny to her). She was really really sick one time *contagiously sick*, and accidentally sneezed over Ino’s food while Ino was in the bathroom. Ino ate the food when she came back, and was mysteriously sick for two weeks afterward. Sakura never told her