Itachi Uchiha

•Itachi knows in his heart that marrying this Uchiha girl is the safest, and wisest decision. No one needs to tell you how devoted Itachi is to his clan and the village. While marrying the girl he loves would benefit the village, because hey, tying an Uchiha to someone from another powerful clan makes for a great alliance—Itachi knows he has to abide by Uchiha rules as well. Defying the marriage will just cause discourse that he doesn’t need

•Itachi will attempt to politely decline the marriage after speaking to his father first, but makes sure not to mention that his reasons revolve around loving another. He just tells his father he prefers not to be married, not right now

•I doubt Fugaku listens to him though, he just thinks Itachi is being ridiculous. And the first time he shuts Itachi down, Itachi doesn’t ask again. He knows better

•It depends if the girl he loves also loves him back. If she doesn’t, and it’s one-sided or she doesn’t even know about his feelings, it’s ‘easier’ to deal with the situation. If she loved him back, Itachi would have a whole other ordeal to worry about. That means he has to cater to her feelings and her potential heartache, which makes his own all the worse

•Honestly, there’s not much Itachi can do. Unless the marriage is called off then… he kind of goes along with it. And the only way I can see the wedding being called off is if his new fiancee finds out Itachi is in love with another girl. Maybe, just maybe, she takes pity on Itachi and makes arrangements to call of the marriage, giving Itachi the opportunity to also reject the proposal. If they mutually agree, then it’s probably easier for both their fathers/parents to settle with it

•However, that doesn’t guarantee the marriage will be disregarded. They could still force Itachi and the girl to get married. In which case, Itachi just has to deal with it. He knows he has to put the girl he loves out of his mind. He’s probably going to have kids with his wife at some point, and start a family with her. He knows loving someone else and holding onto those feelings will complicate things