•Oh it’s super cute. He’s always trying to get you to dance. Shunsui swears he can ballroom dance like a pro (and he can, to an extent) but he will step on your feet every once in a while. And when you yell at him he’s like “Sorry, won’t happen again” but it does

•Really though, he’s always getting you to dance with him. Just waltz around the room every once in a while when he’s particularly happy

•He likes telling everyone that you’re a dancer, it’s kind of embarrassing? Anytime anyone mentions anything close to dancing he just immediately, “______ can dance. Very well, in fact. I’ve seen it.”

•Calls you his little dancer it’s so corny but cute 

•He’s really funny he learns all this dancer terminology to impress you but doesn’t use any of it right


•He’d just enjoy watching you dance. He doesn’t have to join you, but will if you prompt him. You’d often find him watching you from the across the room or behind a corner while you practiced. Sometimes he won’t even let you know he’s there. He just watches, content that you’re so passionate in your hobby

•Low key has a nice fox-trot. So if you want him to dance with you, go for a fox-trot. He’s got the footowork. He really do got it. You go Jushiro

•He’d learn what ‘supplies’ you needed as a dancer, and would always be buying you new shoes or new outfits if you needed them

•If you were ever in any competitions, he would always come to watch you. And you already know he’s bringing you flowers

•He’s just overall very proud of you. Dancing is a lot of work, and he feels like most people don’t give dancers enough credit. So he’s happy for you. And as mentioned before, he likes his s/o being passionate about something. So if it’s dancing, he’d encourage it