So I normally wouldn’t respond to these messages bc come on fam… but yeah I know. I’m sorry, I’m trying, I really am. I eventually get over writing slumps, but since my last big one, I just haven’t. It kind of hit a high point this week and I’m just having lots of trouble finding the confidence to write and be happy about it and not feel like it’s shit. I just feel so down in the dumps I feel so so so shitty all the time. I try to update as much as I can though. I know my updates are getting infrequent, but to my credit, I think every other day or every two days is decent? But I know I used to do it everyday, and I know it’s not as many imagines as I used to put out either, so I’m sorry. It’s just difficult. I feel so shitty lmao I’m sorry. I really want to put out imagines but ugh fuck. I promise I’ll have some out tomorrow or the next day. I just wanna make sure they’re decent and not something I write while I’m in a shitty mood. Just bear with me please