love you ❤


•He has to look as ceremonious as possible when he’s giving oral. He gets between your legs, takes a knee, and just stares between your thighs, almost as if he’s examining it. Savoring the sight of his meal before he indulges it, if you will. I’m dumb, sorry

•He’s mostly about long, hot, slow licks. Aizen can’t go for the frantic, rigorous sucks and licks. His jaw will get tired and he loses his patience if you don’t come fast enough, so he’d rather stick to a gentle pace and take his time

•Besides, a temperate, teasing pace can work you up fast. Especially with Aizen’s tongue skills. He knows how to use that tongue

•Occasionally, he’ll drag his teeth along your sensitive skin and nip a little before going right back to that slow pace. So he fluctuates, abandoning his ‘softcore’ tendencies to give you that occasional little bite. It’s to catch you off guard tbh, he likes the little gasp or whimper that passes your mouth

•He also loves it when you try to scoot away from him? Sometimes that tongue is so good you gotta wriggle your hips or shift a little just to move, but he pulls your right back to his mouth and holds your hips down

•Lovessss it when your thighs shake. If that’s a sign that you’re about to come, he pulls away immediately to torment you. Honestly, he’ll put an end to the oral session at this point, if he wants to be particularly merciless. I can see Aizen being that guy who goes down on you on a whim then decides halfway through that he won’t let you come. What a douche tease

•Aizen has a thing about swallowing or really tasting cum. Even if the cum tastes good, he’s just not one to lap it up or indulge the taste. He’d much rather make you come, run his fingers through it and admire it, then wipe it on you. Or, use it as lube and run it over his dick if he’s about to fuck you right afterward. He’s also the type to make you taste your own cum and suck his fingers clean