•Much prefers just lounging around with his s/o rather than really doing anything, I guess? Let’s say he’s working on his puppets, it would be nice if they were in the same room working on their own projects or something. The company is what matters to Sasori

•This is so basic, but just having daily conversations? Silence suits Sasori, so willingly engaging in a conversation is pretty much a ‘pastime’ for him. Enjoy those moments and savor them, because he’s not willing to open up to most people

•If we’re talking about watching movies can we talk about modern AU (I don’t think they had movies in Naruto verse but I could be wrong. ANYWAY) if we can go into a different AU, it’s still pretty difficult to get Sasori out on dates

•You can convince him to go to a coffee shop or something. Maybe a restaurant. Otherwise, it’s just ‘stay at home’ dates with Sasori

•Okay but one place he will go with no questions asked is museums. Art museums, of course, are preferred. But science museums interest him too. That’s the most ‘adventurous’ date you’ll get Sasori to go on. He and his s/o would have fun though, museums are just fun and he finds them interesting. He doesn’t even mind if they try to hold his hand ( do it please. do it while you have the chance)

•Okay maybe he does mind. but they can at least link their arm with his as they walk through the museum omg it’s kind of cute 


•Tobirama is also a fan of routine conversations, but he’s a tad more intimate than Sasori, and you can snuggle up to him in bed or on the couch after a long day, and that’s when you guys can talk. Just talk about your day, ask him about his. It’s kind of nice relaxing with Tobirama when he’s not all grumpy and stressed from work

•Dinner dates. Whether that’s going out and eating, or just having a home-cooked meal. Tobirama is busy most of the time, but he’d take a break to spend time with his s/o and have a nice meal

•Is bathing a pastime? If his s/o catches him in the right mood, he won’t say no to sharing a nice, hot bath. It’s relaxing, and gives them some quality time together (if he’s in the mood for that too)

•He honestly wouldn’t mind his s/o coming to his team training sessions. Only if he knew they wouldn’t be a distraction, though. His team probably likes it when Tobirama brings his s/o anyway. They find that he’s less of a dictator when his s/o is around, and Team Tobirama is always looking for ways to lessen their hellish training regimen 

•I can also see cute pastimes happening at Hashirama’s house. Hashi would probably invite his little bro and s/o over for dinner quite a lot. Tobirama occasionally gets into arguments with Hashirama over stupid stuff, but you could tell he was more relaxed around family in such a casual setting. Very cute

•I went ice skating recently and now I have to say: an ice skating date with Tobirama is so nice. He’s such a pro. Slides across the ice like he was born to it. Can skate backwards and everything. He’s an awful, impatient teacher though. Don’t expect much help from him if you can’t skate


•He would probably enjoy watching movies tbh. BUT not at a movie theater. Hidan talks and talks and talks during movies and he’ll get kicked out. Just have a movie night at your house or his

•Again, if we’re talking Modern AU, then just going out places too? In a Modern AU, it’s so much easier to drag Hidan out and actually get him to do things. To the park or a cafe or something simple. Even if you just drive around, it’s not that difficult to find something to do. Hidan is one of those guys who thinks if he gets dressed and ready to go out, you two better do something, so he doesn’t feel like he’s wasting his time. At least that’s an incentive 

•I see him enjoying the arcade. It’s a little childish sometimes (like if Hidan ever heard someone liked going to the arcade he would laugh at them, but forgets how fun it can be) but there are some games he would like? He gets super competitive though, his s/o has to watch out

•Also, just going to his favorite restaurant is easy. Hidan is soooo annoying when it comes to finding places to eat. He’ll always wanna go to one diner in particular because it’s his favorite, and he doesn’t believe in “trying new places” because what if he doesn’t like the food?? He’s not gonna waste money on food??? You swear he sounds like Kakuzu when he talks about that shit. All about the $$$ 

•Just chilling at his house or his s/o’s is probably the most viable option. Honestly, Hidan does not do well in public. He has little tact and doesn’t know how to act around people. He can be embarrassing and rude. Just keep him in the house. He feels more comfortable when he’s alone with his s/o, anyway