Thank you fam ❤ 

Sasuke honestly has a sweating problem. It could be cold as shit outside and he still manages to sweat. It’s embarrassing. You honestly wouldn’t notice unless you felt his hands though. They’re always moist

Naruto cries when he drinks soda. The fizziness is just too much for him. Anything too sweet/sour like that

Sakura memorizes the shapes of everyone’s eyebrows. She could pick people out of a lineup by just eyebrows alone

Ino has a problem with malaproprisms

Shikamaru is low key afraid of heights

Choji is ambidextrous 

Rock Lee is double-jointed

Neji has a great metabolism. Like you won’t ever see him pig out in public, but when he’s alone and got his food, he just eats that shit up. And he never gains weight

Tenten has a huge collection of nail polishes that she rarely uses, but that shit could fill an entire room it’s just sooooo much nail polish 

Kiba can’t stomach dairy. He might be lactose intolerant

Hinata picked up a habit of making scented soaps and she planned to give them out as gifts, but she thought it was a dumb idea later so she didn’t 

Shino reads lots of poetry