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Tobirama (so I’m assuming this is Tobirama and not “Tobi” but let me know just in case)

•Screamers in bed fluster Tobirama soooo much. The moaning he can deal with, and likes. But if he’s having sex and suddenly his partner just screams he’s like FUCK what the hell

•I mean it’s flattering of course and gets him a little smug at times, but for the most part, he’s worried that people will hear. He’ll shush his partner. And if they’re still loud as hell, he’ll just press a hand over their mouth, like he does not care he just wants them to be quiet. He doesn’t want half the village to be in on his sex life, no matter how hot the noises may be 

•As for his s/o having high sexual energy, it has its benefits and disadvantages. Tobirama can go weeks without having sex if he’s super busy with work, so his partner may be a little deprived. Honestly they’re gonna have to masturbate unless they want to explode from from sexual tension 

•Tobirama will give in every once in a while, and go for an early morning quickie, or in the middle of the night when he comes home from work

•But it’s hella fun when he’s actually in the mood. He can go for hours. It’ll be a day where he doesn’t have that much work to do. He just spends all night in bed with his s/o and they can go for multiple rounds. He has incredible endurance and stamina, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he used up all that sexual energy for theirs. Probably keeps them satisfied for a few days

•If Tobirama lets his partner top and ride him, he likes it to be energetic and fast. That high sexual energy better get them riding him fast and hard. Just ride him into the sunset tbh


•He’d fucking loveee a s/o with lots of sexual energy. The only problem is, he does get annoyed if they want to bang and he’s not in the mood. But the times he wants to fuck, you already know it comes in handy

•It also means Madara doesn’t have to do much to arouse them? He considers foreplay less of a nuisance in that case, and more like a treat. Because he knows they’re already hyped up and eager, so he can tease them a little. There’s gonna be lotsss and lots of teasing from Madara. If he knows his s/o has a high sex drive, he uses that against them. Probably calls them dirty, or even a slut sometimes, if they don’t get all offended by it 

•HE LOVES THE SCREAMERS AHHH. That’s his goal in bed. Getting his s/o to scream for him. Getting them to moan is great and all but if he knows they’re screamers, he goes for it. He doesn’t give a shit if half the village hears it. He gets all smug. If someone asked about it the next day, he’d just say “There was a rodent in our kitchen. _______ was just a little startled” knowing damn well no one is going to believe it because no one screams that loud because of a rat. And no one screams “Fuck yes more! more! more!” either. Madara doesn’t even try to make excuses. What a smug shit

•Sometimes he wants to test them, and see how long they can go without screaming or moaning. Well, at least screaming. He’ll be fair and give them that. They might last for a while, but when he gives it his all, there’s no way they’re not screaming. One hard snap of his hips and that cock just hits all the right spots inside and they’re gonna scream for sure


•Poor little Obito just does not know how to handle a loud s/o. When they start moaning he’s like hell yeah, but once it gets louder and louder and they let out a scream, he’s like ohh shit shhhhhh shhhhhhhhh no please

•He’s the one who worries that he’s hurting them and will come to a dead halt. Like noooo Obito. Keep going you were doing so good wtf

•It also makes him come much faster. If he’s close anyway, one of their sexy moans or a loud scream makes him come almost immediately. He probably learns to pull out and take a break for a second, or else he’s not gonna last long

•So at first, a partner with lots of sexual energy would be ideal and he would loveeee that shit. But they wear him out fast. Obito overestimates his abilities. He can go maybe one or two rounds before they’re just too much for him. He gets all disappointed with himself though. He heads into it all eager, dick hard, lol (dick: out) body hot, mouth watering at the sight of them naked—then when they get down and suck his dick nice and hard and fast, he’s done in like a minute

•Like he really cannot make it past foreplay with an enthusiastic, sensual partner. Despite how good it feels, just their sexual charm and eagerness in general gets him all worked up. His partner would have to learn that their sexual energy needs to be utilized at a slow, careful pace

•Obito feels bad about it, but definitely takes care of them if he comes too early. He’ll go down on them, finger them, anything until his dick is standing again and he’s raring to go