LOL okay shit so

I honestly don’t remember how I started liking Tobirama I just??? Kinda did one day??? I remember one of the firsts posts I ever made about Tobirama on an old personal blog I had was “OH my god why is Tobirama Senju so hot” and I think it spiraled downhill from there

There’s really not a lot to find charming about Tobirama and I think that’s the beauty of it? Like you gotta dig deep to really think about it. They don’t show a lot about Tobirama in the show minus his attitude (which I like) so you just assume he’s this giant asshole who fucked up shit for the village with his Uchiha policies (which he kinda did. I get why he did it but he didn’t execute his good intentions in an efficient way) 

I’m also just into ‘assholes’ lmao. Or prude, stern, stoic people? My man is like that. And I’ve dated/been into asshole guys before but they’re particular assholes lmao. Like not such an asshole that you can’t trust him to do right by you when the time comes, but generally, an asshole. I also like Tobirama’s prudence (even if his judgement isn’t the best at times) but his mind set toward the village is interesting. I enjoy someone who is pragmatic rather than overly enthusiastic or optimistic. I admire that. Thrown in with his intelligence like idk??? I just find him to be such an interesting character that Kishi should have given more credit to? Like listen I love Minato, but I will never get over the fact that whenever Hiraishin is brought up in the show, they often credit Minato instead of Tobirama. And Naruto’s signature jutsu is shadow clone jutsu, yet we didn’t hear that Tobirama made that jutsu the entire time Naruto was learning/perfecting it (at least I think so? I’m pretty sure they didn’t) Like idk, I think Tobirama deserves more credit than he’s given. I just think he’s an interesting character to explore

Some characters who are ‘assholes’ or douchebags don’t have much else to them than being assholes, but I can see in Tobirama that there’s more to it. He gives you that tsundere feel at times and idk, I’m a sucker for the harsh man being a little soft on the inside once you dig past all the prude demeanor. I like a character who is difficult to read, and one that would remain a little rough around the edges even with someone he liked or was a little fond of? The box of mysteries that is Tobirama is just interesting to explore. I like keeping a balance between his potentially ‘soft’ side and the cold, pragmatic side

Also as a side note: I’m generally interested in most of the founders trio because the warring states era seemed like such an interesting time. Like, I don’t really hoe for Izuna, but I’m still super interested in writing Izuna because he was part of that era and there’s just so much to explore??? So that contributes