Ooo interesting 

Hashirama: Honestly doesn’t really care whether his firstborn is a boy or girl. Having a boy would be great because hey, he’ll probably be head of the Senju clan one day and it’s always nice to prepare them and “train” early. But he has a softspot for girls tbh. We already know how much he spoiled Tsunade so can you imagine how much he’d spoil his firstborn daughter? So cute. Hashirama is kind of the guy who leaves the names to his s/o, to be honest. He waits to see if they have any ideas and agrees to just pick from their list

Tobirama: Probably wants a boy. Tobirama has this odd fear of having a daughter, because he doesn’t know how to handle girls tbh. He’s just too… testosterone-y??? A boy would just be easier to handle, and he wouldn’t worry about being too hard on his son like he would his daughter. Tobirama would dote the hell out of his firstborn daughter though. Omg that would be his baby girl. It would be so cute. Please let him have a firstborn daughter he would adore that lil girl. Okay but Tobirama is a stickler for names. He’d want an elegant/simple name. Also, a unisex name. He’s sooooo picky hooo my god the name process would be so difficult. I wouldn’t be surprised if his s/o wanted to kill him by the end of it. He might be the type who goes for names with common meaning, like Sora or Yuki. Kinda cliche but hey, it’s simple. 

Madara: He’d also want a boy. He’d love his little girl all the same but he’d bond easier with a son. Madara wants his child to become a shinobi, and he’s kind of traditional. So he thinks that training a boy is much easier, and more practical than training a girl. As for names, Madara isn’t too picky, but he’s not afraid to reject name ideas that his s/o puts on the table. Madara either likes unique names or common, simple names. There’s no in between. Something like Ryusei? Common name, I’m pretty sure. But has a unique ring to it

Kakashi also doesn’t really care if it’s a boy or girl. Though I for some reason see him getting more emotional when the nurse tells him “It’s a girl”. Idk I just picture his face softening and if he cried, the tears glossing his vision. Something about holding his baby girl in his arms for the first time just gets him. Idk if I’m being cliche or not, but hey Kakashi might name her Rin. He always liked the name, and he figures, why not? But he’s always open to his s/o’s suggestions. He’s another one who would just agree to something his s/o had in mind