plus replies from my post about makeup/acne

@pastelrosita (FUCK TUMBLR) Fam thank you so much ❤ my rough patches are kind of dumb and frequent so I think i just need to learn to get over it. I really hate being so dramatic lmao but you guys really are so understanding and supportive. Thank you for this message I appreciate you ((((:

I definitely plan to! I just haven’t gotten around to it but I’ll make a post when I do!

AHHHHHHH I didn’t expect anyone to ever get involved in my scenarios like this but this is so cute and so cool AHHHHHHH you can definitely send in a request when the box is open next, and I’ll see what I can do (((:

NO NEED TO KINKSHAME HERE. I would love to be in the middle of this Senju Sandwich with Uchiha sauce. It would be a ride wild tbh 

@any59 yeah mine are just the discoloration little bruise ones! I’ll check this out

@lortylortylort @thychi @thequeenpineapple @kinky-imagines @rickya1438 @pastelrosita THANKS HOESSSS I’m gonna stock up on some shit when I go to the store next, and see if these work ❤