Ooooo nice. But ok so I’m not very educated on specific jobs or ranks in the mafia but let me tell you, I had cousins who were associated with the mafia (Chicago is a wild place) so I know some stuff from them let’s see:

Naruto started off as a ‘delivery boy’? There’s a word for it in Spanish but idk what it would be in English/Italian. He was just one of the low ranking members of the mafia who ran errands and what not. But he was very determined and loyal, and that’s what caught the higher-ups’ attention

Shikamaru is sent to negotiate all the time. He’s the one who can persuade everyone, the courts, the judges, the cops. Shikamaru isn’t one to bribe, however. He just uses his words to snake people out. That’s how good he is. Damn, you crafty boy Shikamaru. He probably got prompoted to Capo fairly quickly, and eventually made his way up to Consigliere because of his prudence. Out of all the Konoha 12, he’s the highest in rank

Sasuke does a lot of the dirty work but causes trouble, tbh. He’s ruthless and intimidating and gets the job done, but it causes beef with lots of other families. He’s kind of the ‘rogue’ in this AU too. He’s only put out for specific jobs that call for someone intense and fierce, but he has a habit of acting out on his own too, without being ordered to do so. That’s what gets him in the most trouble. Insubordination is rarely tolerated in the mafia. Sorry, but he’d be one of the dudes to be knocked off if he didn’t get a hold of himself

Choji doesn’t do much? He’s also a ‘delivery boy’ but not that good at it, poor bb. Shikamaru always sticks up for him though. Choji is hesitant to do jobs and feels bad about doing lots of dirty, underhanded work

Ino does dirty work too, and tries to throw seduction into her tactics. It works, sometimes. A majority of the time she gets herself into trouble. She’s very good at playing mind games with people to get what she wants, but sometimes she gets too cocky, and even offended if her ‘target’ isn’t responding well. Shikamaru has to bail her out a lot too

Kiba is a fuck up I’m sorry lol. He has his moments where he impresses his superiors, but a lot of the time, he gets too cocky and thinks he can pull of any job he’s presented with. He would actually do a decent job if he didn’t think he could intimidate everyone and anyone. People just can’t take him seriously when he tries to act like the shit. However, everyone counts on Kiba to do ‘investigative’ work. He can get the scoop on people easily

Hinata my poor baby. Hinata feels guilty cheating or swindling people, so a lot of her work is just gathering information or retrieving cash that people owe the family

Shino is kind of a background, shadow member of the mafia. It’s funny though. Because sometimes there are these really big jobs and people are wondering who’s going to take it and it gets a little chaotic because like?? This is a big job??? A dangerous job?? Who’s gonna handle it?? Then the next thing you know, the job is done and Shino is the one who did it. He’s kind of a trump card? He’s just very good at what he does. Never gets himself into trouble. Can get money or info swiftly, efficiently, and quietly without anyone ever knowing and not stirring trouble along the way. When it’s a dangerous, risky job, they send in Shino because they know Shino will get the job done without drawing too much attention to their family. Good job Shino

Neji is a bully lmao. He’s also a Capo, and is very deserving of the rank. He gets shit done. He doesn’t let anyone off easy and he makes sure people pay their “debts” to their family. He’s kind of a… lawful neutral type of dude? Sure, he’s part of the mafia and he will engage in corrupt endeavors, but he has his own moral code and isn’t underhanded about what he does. He shows mercy sometimes, but only if he feels that it’s warranted

Tenten can be a bully too, but she’s fair about it. It’s only if someone is giving her a hard time about not paying the family, or not keeping promises, that Tenten gets assertive. And damn no one wants to deal with that. Tenten is a savage she will pull a gun on you out of nowhere just to intimidate you. One time though, some asshole started taunting her and daring her to shoot him and Tenten shot him in the foot. It was wild 

Rock Lee wow what a sweetheart. Everyone loves dealing with Rock Lee. People pray Rock Lee is the one who comes around to negotiate or pick up cash. It’s kind of bad for Lee though, because people try to take advantage of him for his leniency. They better watch out though, if a fight breaks out, you already know Lee beats everyone’s ass and he’s the only one who walks out unscathed. Don’t let his bright smile and bushy eyebrows fool you. Lee will fuck someone up in the name of the family, if need be

Sakura might be a Capo. She worked hard for the position. Never asked questions, never doubted her orders or assignments. She always did her job, even if she had to do it in dirty ways. No one likes messing with Sakura because she has a bad temper, so people hate when they have to do deals with her. Most people just give in because they don’t want to argue with her tbh. She does cause some trouble for the family with that attitude though