•He’s a lil messy tbh. Sometimes he does it on purpose, thinking it’s hot. I mean to some people it is, but there’s a point where it’s like yo Leorio… chill with the saliva 

•Also uses his teeth a little too much. He doesn’t mind when his partner nips at his dick a little bit so he figures it might feel good no matter who he’s going down on, but sometimes, he bites toooooo hard and it doesn’t feel good. But when he nips at it just right, it feels amazing

•He has this weird habit of either massaging, or lightly scratching on his partner’s body while he’s going down on them. He reaches up and puts hands all over them

•Leorio actually isn’t into fingering while he’s giving oral. He’ll only do it if he’s not getting the reactions he wants from his partner. Like, when Leorio is going down on you, he hopes you’ll moan and maybe scream for him (that might just be some ego-boosting on his part) so it’s only when you’re being relatively quiet that he’ll slip those long fingers inside ya

•I gotta admit, on a fem partner, Leorio has trouble sticking to the clit. You have to guide him there or literally scold him to focus on the clit. Otherwise, he spends too much time licking between the folds

•It’s mostly because he can taste the cum that rushes out of you, and Leorio is allll about tasting you when he’s going down

•After he’s done giving oral, his fav thing is looking you right in the eyes as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand