Sasuke: Just does not seem to notice anything going on around him. He’d probably get annoyed with the atmosphere, if anything. The loud music, these strippers trying to flash him and entice him, he’s just not having it. Sasuke compromises the mission by calling one of them whores, and telling them to leave him alone. Because then the stripper throws a fit and the bouncer comes and nice job Sasuke now someone’s gotta jump on this bouncer. He’s super focused on the mission, yet is probably the one to blame when it goes wrong

Naruto might also be to blame though. He gets a little flirty with these strippers. Not enough to distract him, but definitely enough to delay the mission. Okay Naruto is also the knight in shining armor though. If he sees someone getting a little aggressive with the strippers, or harassing them, he goes over and gives them a piece of his mind. Effectively causing a scene, and possibly ruining the mission

Sakura is pretty good about staying focused on the mission. The strippers and the lights and the music—the atmosphere doesn’t bother her. She only gets distracted when she tries to keep everyone else in line. Once she hits her breaking point and starts scolding them, that’s when she draws some attention to herself

Kakashi, surprisingly, is not deterred by these enticing strippers. I guarantee you one or two of them offer to give him a lapdance and he politely declines. (The rest of the gang is a little suspicious because come one Kakashi… this is your arena. Did Icha Icha teach you nothing?) But don’t worry he steals glances at the strippers when no one is watching

Sai is focused on the mission, but finds himself a little too focused on the half-naked bodies dancing around him. He starts worrying less about the mission at some point, and more about analyzing the way these strippers move. Like, how do they do that? What flexibility. What grace

Yamato: Acts like he’s not phased but don’t let him fool you, he’s a little flustered. If he’s not careful, he spends too much time staring at the strippers. He just zones out. But yells at everyone else if he catches them doing it