Pls don’t read this if you’re not interested in dumb excuses and me being dumb in general (as usual). I’ll be putting out imagines soon, so just wait a few minutes for those and forget I made this post kk

I know I’ve been missing and I’m sorry. But this little slump has just taken a turn for the worst and I’m honestly too anxious to do anything?? I haven’t even opened tumblr because I know I’m going to have to update imagines and ofc as mentioned before, I just don’t like my writing. I feel like it’s not worthwhile and you guys can find something better. And I have soooo many messages to reply to in the box. I’m even more anxious thinking about it. I want to chat with you all but I’m afraid I won’t be myself rn. It’s just been difficult recently, as I’m struggling w personal matters too. But I don’t want to take a hiatus. If I do, I probably won’t come back lol. I feel like I’ll get too distant and become too discouraged to write on the blog

I’m just kind of a mess rn and going through a (quarter?) life crisis. As well as a crisis with my writing bc reading over my work now, I feel like I’m writing characters ooc. Worst of all, I feel like I’m writing the founders trio ooc and in case it’s not obvious: those are my favs. My favs. I get so excited that I get lots of requests for them, so to come to the startling realization that I might be fucking up their characterization or writing them with a heavy bias has just been ekfhxkerhcmfkerchr it’s bad I need to work on it. Also, I have so many typos in my writing. Someone just take over my blog pls

But this was such a dumb reply wow. I know I haven’t been online and haven’t been updating. I’m just trying to figure out what to do with the blog and juggling other matters outside of the blog (in summary: I have an illness that no doctors have been able to diagnose and it’s flared in the last week and it’s not pretty)

As mentioned before, I’ll be putting out imagines soon that I’ve had in the drafts. Just don’t be surprised if they’re not long or seem like I didn’t put any thought into it, I’m sorry

ALSO: (I’m using this post as one big reply post now, sorry) to all the messages that came in after I alluded to not writing the madara x s/o x tobirama fic anymore:

There were a lot, and I really don’t want to make a big post about it, or else I’ll probably go on a rant like this again. I know that’s shitty of me but sorry. I’m glad you guys were excited but I just don’t think it’s good. Like, at all. I’ve had some people read it and they say they like it but idk. Idk idk idk. It’s not completely off the table just yet, but I’ll probably be changing a lot of it now that I’m anxious about writing ooc. You guys will have to wait a little longer on that fic, if I ever put it out. Sorry