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•Seduction for Sasuke comes easy enough when he wants it to. His cool, aloof demeanor kind of draws you in anyway. All he’ll really need to do is get a little touchy and intimate with his s/o and that’s enough to have them going whoa…. this is different 

•He might wait until they’re lying in bed at night, about to go to sleep. One problem for Sasuke is getting close to them, so sleeping in the same bed gets rid of that problem 

•He’d start by putting his arms around them, or maybe, simply draping one over their waist and running his hand up and down their side. Once he was sure he had their attention, he’d either shift closer or pull them to him. He’s likely to go for neck kisses then, while continuing to slowllly work his hands all along their body

•At that point, Sasuke is a little… lost. That’s about as much seduction as he can muster. Even if he’s sure he’s succeeded at seducing his partner (he really doesn’t offer intimacy very often so the smallest hint of it will probably get you going) he doesn’t know what else he needs to do before he just kind of… shifts the sex into gear

•Seducing Sasuke is a strenuous task. There’s just not a lot that gets him going. The best thing to do is not be overbearing. An overbearing partner who was constantly seeking sexy times with Sasuke would only end up turning him off

•So if his s/o reserved their urges for times they could sense Sasuke might be in the mood, or at least, when they could sense that sex was far overdue—they might catch a break

•Then, the most they would have to do is be a bit… elusive? Wear revealing clothing and walk past him, making certain you’re not being too obvious with your intentions. 

•Just try to get close to him? Be casual about it though. Really, the main thing is not letting on to the seduction plan. If he’s unsuspecting, then his s/o can probably go in to rub his arm and back, then eventually, his thighs

•It might arouse him, especially if he’s been sex deprived. If he doesn’t stop his s/o at this point, then they can continue and just go to rub over his dick. If he’s a little hard, then they should definitely go for it

•They should just give him head tbh. Getting head is his favorite, and if he feels good enough after they suck on him a little, he’ll return the favor