•Hmm Indra is not that kinky of a guy. Sex might be kind of boring with Indra to be honest. So casual/easy/soft sex is his kink??? Is that even a kink idk. But sex that isn’t complicated or doesn’t require lots of effort tbh. Sex for Indra is just sex, nothing overly fancy

But when he’s in the mood, he’s into hair-pulling

•Restraint. He always has to be holding his partner down in some way. Even if they’re not necessarily fighting him or squirming around, he just feels better holding them down. Indra is like that

•This is a weird kink. Might not be considered a kink really? But no talking. Like at all. Indra likes to concentrate during sex and wouldn’t enjoy a talkative partner. Moaning and other little sounds is fine, even whimpering his name, but don’t get all chatty

•Creampies. He thinks of it to be less of a kink, and more of a guaranteed finish to sex. He just thinks coming inside his partner is the most natural way to go

•In general, it’s a turn-on for Indra when someone presents themselves in a very soft-spoken, well-mannered way. A refined, civilized person, who honestly didn’t have a large personality. He likes the demure type

•Long hair 

•Some form of jewelry? On a fem partner especially, he does admit it looks rather enticing when they’re wearing a necklace that draws attention to their chest and he can see some cleavage. Not a lot, but some. Indra also likes a ‘modest’ person who doesn’t show off and put themselves out there. But the occasional sneak peek isn’t completely awful

•Nice eyes. Doesn’t have to be a particular color or shape, just some nice eyes