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Itachi Uchiha

•Itachi is a very… scrupulous sugar daddy. He’ll give you money alright, but not frivolously. He doesn’t just give it out. Itachi makes you work for it. Aside from nsfw stuff (which he by no means demands, but it’s nice at times, he will admit) he expects you to respect him and not take advantage of what he’s offering. If you ever catch an attitude with him, or show any signs of being ungrateful, he has no problem cutting your supply off for a while. Be warned. Itachi does not play games

•That being said, he’s not likely to pick you as a sugar baby if you show any of those traits^ Can’t be disrespectful, ungrateful, or greedy. He has to really respect you

•He’ll be more of a patron? Once he gets to know you, he has this habit of encouraging his sugar baby to meet their goals. It’s kind of odd. Sometimes it feels like you’re being lectured by your dad (I mean… you kinda are) but hey, Itachi is fair about it. Like if you’re a student, he’ll tell you to do well on your exams. In return, he’ll give you your own little credit card to spend on food (he knows college students barely find the time to eat)

•Before the school year/before you start your job/before any big event coming up, he’ll take you shopping and let you pick out a new wardrobe. He likes to see what you pick though. He’ll wait outside the dressing room so you can come out and show him what you tried on. It’s cute 

•If he sees you’re getting a little too eager with your spending (of course he can pull up your account anytime he wants. He’s the one who gave you the credit card in the first place) He’ll call you up and tease you about it, “I see someone’s been very vivacious with their spending this week”

•Itachi is probably a busy guy, so he doesn’t take off of work often. Besides keeping in touch with him over the phone/computer/whatever means of communication you use, he only gets to see you in person a few times a month. He doesn’t take vacation days either, so the most you can get is spending a night together, or he’ll take you out for a quick lunch when he gets the chance