Kushina Uzumaki

I wrote the SFW without thinking of a specific gender s/o in mind at first, my bad. So they’re kind of mixed 


•She gets in these moods where she doesn’t tell anyone where she’s going, and she’ll just take a long walk through the village. Sometimes outside of the village, too. She gets lost in the woods sometimes though, I won’t lie. Her s/o would panic and have to go looking for her. Kushina acts like it’s no big deal. I would have found my way eventually, she would say. He’d probably be upset at her but hey, it’s no use trying to keep a restless spirit like Kushina under wraps

•In general, she just likes traveling. In the shinobi world, there’s not much traveling you can really do just for the hell of it. Most of the world outside of Konoha that Kushina would see is just what she manages to take in while out on missions. But a recreational adventure with her s/o would be so nice. She would love it. Even if it’s just camping out in the woods not that far from Konoha, she would make the most of it. As long as she can relax under the stars and next to a fire, she’s content

•Kushina went on this determined binge where she wanted to be like, the best cook ever. She wanted to be able to surprise her s/o with his favorite meal when he came home every night. She succeeded with a few dishes, but she can literally only cook those few dishes. Everything else sucks

•She’s very impatient. She can’t wait in long lines, even if it’s for something essential like groceries. She’d go a week without groceries in the fridge if it meant waiting until there was a shorter line at the checkout

•It’s not fun at all sharing a bed with Kushina. She pushes and kicks and just stretches out on the bed. Her s/o would have to learn to live with it, or learn to like the couch. She gets all sad when he leaves her though. She might follow him to the couch because she hates sleeping alone. He just can’t escape the Uzumaki clutches

•Kushina has an incredibly loud, obnoxious laugh. The worst part is, she finds stupid things funny. It could be a casual conversation and she would find something funny and bust out laughing. And she also has inside jokes. With herself. She’ll start giggling out of nowhere and if you ask her what’s wrong, she’ll try to explain. But it won’t make sense. She can barely speak through her laughter, anyway


•I doubt it’s a surprise to anyone, but she usually takes charge in bed. Kushina has a lot of fire in her and it has to vent somehow. The bedroom is the best place to do that, because she figures both her and her partner get something out of it. He has to settle with her getting on top and riding him like 80% of the time

•She does however, have a habit of getting too engrossed and chasing her own orgasm when it’s really good sex. But she quickly amends that by giving him a blowjob or handjob if she can’t go on riding him anymore

•And Kushina is pretty great at oral. Honestly, a lot better at blowjobs than she is at eating someone out, only because she thinks dicks are easier (and more fun) to handle?? So a male partner would be in for a treat 

•But she is the type of gal who is very adamant on her partner reciprocating oral. She kind of throws a fit if he doesn’t. Also, she’d need a partner who was good with his tongue. Getting eaten out is her favvvvvorite thing. She needs to be treated

•Kushina has stronger orgasms from getting eaten out than she does when she’s actually having sex, for the most part. Even if she has a partner who knows how to work his dick, her orgasms aren’t as strong. Which is probably why she prefers receiving oral to anything else. But a partner who could finger her real good is also a prize

•Kushina doesn’t like swallowing cum. She doesn’t like facials either. So he has to come in a tissue or on her chest. She doesn’t mind him finishing on her tits most of the time. It’s hot

•Kushina is not completely against public sex, but it has to be on her terms. She gets in these kinky moods where she just wants to pull him behind a tree and fool around a little

•He should expect her to go down on him at random times too, especially out in public. He probably gets lots of public bathroom blowjobs