Naruto likes Deadpool, of course. Anti-hero type of deal though? Who cares. He likes Deadpool

Kakashi also likes Deadpool but his fav is Green Arrow

Shikamaru digs Barbara Gordon, and also Tony Stark

Gaara would like Superman. He’s a simple guy

Temari likes Wonder Woman and Rogue

Jiraiya likes Powergirl. Need I say more.

Tsunade also likes Wonder Woman

Shisui likes my man Dick Grayson

Itachi is a Bruce Wayne fan

Hinata likes Kitty Pryde 

Renji likes Tony Stark

Grimmjow, of course, fucks with Black Panther. Or Wolverine

Ikkaku might like Green Lantern. Doesn’t matter which one

Hitsugaya likes Iceman. Cliche but hey, he likes him

Nel likes Raven

Kisuke has a huge crush on Black Widow but his favorite has to be Doctor Strange

Rukia likes Spiderman. She has a crush on Peter Parker tbh 

Shinji likes Hawkeye

And Ichigo likes The Flash but the Wally West Flash. He has a Wally West preference. Probably the red hair