•Gaara is foremost confused. Even before he’s interested, excited (as excited as Gaara can be in such an abrupt situation) surprised, or nervous—he’s just confused

•Like, Gaara is kind of a dork. Even if they had been in bed together multiple times, Gaara doesn’t really compute how it could have led to her being pregnant. I mean ok, he knows how pregnancy works. He knows how babies are made. But he never really considered himself a family man, and made certain he and his girl used protection

•He’s not mad about the fact that the protection didn’t work. Whether it was pills or condoms (whatever they had in the Naruto verse. idk) or medical jutsu, he knows sometimes ‘accidents’ happen

•Gaara doesn’t consider this an accident though. He’s surprised and a little daunted by the thought of being a father, but the idea of starting a family and having his own child to dote on is… exciting. This is his child. This is his s/o and it’s his child that she’s carrying. It’s surreal

•Staying true to his calm demeanor, his s/o won’t get a particularly zealous reaction from him, but that rare, earnest smile crosses his face as he asks, “Really?”

•She’s probably a little nervous, given his placid behavior, but he assures her with that smile and he’ll probably move to take her into a gentle hug. It’s a little awkward though, to be honest. He only does it because he can see she’s nervous, and he wants to placate her. But inwardly, he’s swimming with anticipation, and readjusting his mind set to that of a father


•Temari is actually a nervous wreck ok. Even if the baby was planned and she was hoping to get pregnant, the enthusiasm is overshadowed by anxiety because wow?? She’s having a baby?? A baby is growing inside of her??

•The idea of carrying a child in her stomach is just… weird to Temari. She always thought pregnant women looked funny when they were heavy and waddling around like ducks, and she just can’t imagine herself in the same position lmao. She’s not entirely prepared for this, even if it was planned

•An unplanned pregnancy is even more nerve-wracking. Quite honestly, Temari strikes me as the type who never really planned to have kids. She pretty much had a “if I get pregnant then I can think about it then” mentality

•Her immediate response is to want to tell her s/o. She just needs to tell someone because she’s low key freaking out. She doesn’t want to be alone to endure this knowledge, but telling her s/o is equally stressful. Will her s/o be upset? Or rather, not enthusiastic? If the pregnancy wasn’t planned, that’s a high possibility 

•Temari is the type who lets the news sit for a few days before telling her s/o, or telling anyone, really. If it was a planned pregnancy, she’s just waiting for the right time to tell her s/o, hopefully an opportunity where she can surprise them

•Her siblings would be next. I imagine when Kankuro found out he shed a few tears, but tried to hide them and act all tough. No one was convinced though. Gaara, of course, is a little perplexed by the baby news, but he knows this is a special moment for Temari, so he’s happy for her


•Again, Kankuro is a little cry baby and will most definitely cry. It won’t necessarily be bawling, but he’s very happy and can’t contain those tears of joy

•He’d make jokes every once in a while about how annoying kids were, but the moment she says she’s pregnant, this fantasy plays out in his head, something like: his girl in the kitchen preparing a meal, while he’s in his workshop teaching his little kid how to work puppets. She calls them to the dinner table to eat, and they both rush to the kitchen where they have a nice family meal

•Kankuro just gets excited. Almost too excited. He hugs his s/o and probably gives her a big kiss

•There’s no bump yet, but Kankuro still kneels down and talks to her belly, in a very eager, exuberant voice that probably has her laughing at how dorky he is

•His next course of action is to tell everyone he knows about the baby. If she plans to keep it a secret then she has to literally lock Kankuro in his room. Otherwise, he’s gonna go tell all of the Suna. After she tells her parents though, and there’s no reason to keep it low key anymore, Kankuro has to interject the fact that he’s going to have a baby in literally every conversation

”Sun is scorching today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is—”

“Did you know I’m going to be a father soon???”