(I recently did some Madara and Hashirama!)



Tobirama Senju


•First of all, Tobirama is a cheapskate sugar daddy. He’s a pretty shitty sugar daddy. The idea of being a sugar daddy is extremely off-putting to him anyway, so he doesn’t really operate well. He’ll literally wire you $5 and call it a day

•He’s just such an apprehensive sugar daddy. He doesn’t want to pay for sex (lmao this isn’t gonna be all sfw) and he doesn’t want to just give his money away at whim. And he’ll definitely have to have developed feelings for his sugar baby. Which is kind of risky. Because then, for Tobirama, it’s not some ‘give and take’ scenario anymore. It’s more of ‘hey I like you, I’ll help you financially but I also don’t want us to be completely estranged’. Tobirama wants to be intimate with his sugar baby. Snuggle up with him, kiss him on the cheek. This grumpy asshole needs some nice gentle loving

•Like after you two have spent the day together and he finds himself in a particularly good mood, he’ll just pull out his phone and wire some money to your account. Really, he’s generous in those good moods. He thinks about you when he’s working and he’s kind of like… I’ll send ______ some money, I guess

•He forces himself to believe he’s not a sugar daddy though, and more like being charitable for someone he’s fond of. Like, if his sugar baby did well in school/at their job or something, he’ll send them some money as a “congratulatory supplement”. That’s literally what he calls it

•He puts his money to use for practical things? Your AC isn’t working? He’ll pay for the fix. Your car is in the shop and repairs are going to be expensive as shit? He pays for the repairs. Need textbooks for college (idk I just imagine he would have a sugar baby in college)? He pays for them

•You best be on some good behavior though, because Tobirama does not reward bad behavior. This is when he gets into daddy mode. Catch an attitude with him and he will deprive you of sugar baby money until you apologize or admit you were wrong. That’s your punishment

•Actually, sometimes if you piss him off, he’ll send you one dollar. Literally one dollar because he knows it’s gonna get you mad. He’s a dick

•If you want to mess with him, you just need call him ‘daddy’ and he gets irritable and flustered. He can’t handle it. For some reason though… he ends up giving you more money if you call him daddy. It’s probably not that he secretly likes it, he just gives you money in hopes that you shut your mouth and stop being a little shit


•Send him nudes and he doesn’t even know what to do with them. He just sits there looking at his phone and feels the sin rushing through his body. To his dick, specifically. He will scold you for sending nudes though ok don’t do it unless you want to get scolded. Tobirama is a prude

•Tobirama is such a busy guy that most of the action he gets is gonna be on the run or in public. Which he hates. He really does not like public sex or anything close to it. But he gives in sometimes when he’s in the right mood. Heated makeouts and fondling sessions in the car? Bathroom quickies? He gets so embarrassed by all of it but hey, it is what it is. He has to really be into you to allow these things though (I mean he has to be really into you to be your sugar daddy anyway)

•The times you get dicked down thoroughly though are soooo niceeeee. It’s over at his nice apartment/loft. Like the first time is awkward, because he doesn’t make a move. You have to do it first. Just scooch over on the couch and get closer to him, rub your hand up and down his thigh for a while and when he looks like he’s about to explode, just DO IT just grab his dick through his pants

•I mean if you’re too fast he’ll jump away or slap your hands off soooo actually don’t scare him but, just make it known that you want him. Lots of pent up sexual frustration will just skyrocket and Tobirama has to oblige. It just goes down on the couch. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you two fall to the floor and he doesn’t care, he keeps going

•Speaking of the first dicking, Tobirama got that nice thick dick. FAT dick. As mentioned in previous headcanons, you’re gonna be sore as shit after you take his dick. It’s hard to even close your legs once he’s done. And if that thick dick doesn’t get you (it will though) then his thrusts do. Boy can thrust hard and fast, his stroke game is relentless

•He feels a little bad about it though (don’t feel bad Tobirama. that thick dick absolves you of all guilt) and will carry you into the bath or shower and help you get cleaned up afterward

•If you suck his dick real good like, REAL good—a blowjob good enough to get him shaking and protesting at the same time—then he unconsciously gives you more money the next day. He doesn’t realize he does it until he looks at his bank account… but you know why. Sucked the soul out of his body. That’s why