•Admittedly, Jumin does acknowledge his s/o is a bit heavier but it won’t bother him too much? Jumin, though a little pretentious and materialistic, regards you as a person rather than just your looks at the end of the day

•And besides, if you’re his s/o, he thinks you’re literally God’s gift from above so there’s almost nothing that can change his mind about that, no matter what shape or size you are

•If his s/o is self-conscious about it and is looking for assurance, he can definitely offer them that through endless compliments and doting, but he also goes for the “I’ll have the chef prepare us healthier meals from here on out, and we can start an exercise regime, if that’s what you wish” option. However, he’s content if you’re content. So if there’s no rush to change the way you look (and he doesn’t want you to do that btw. he likes you because you’re you. he doesn’t want you to change) then he won’t mention diets or exercise. Because he knows that’s a little tactless and could potentially upset you

•Jumin wants his s/o to be confident, so if you aren’t, he almost pushes you to be. As his s/o, he feels you should be completely aware of how amazing and gorgeous you are, and there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be full of yourself tbh. Just love yourself and he loves you all the more 

•Paparazzi can be brutal and if anybody ever published anything closely relating to a debasing remark about your body, he’d probably shut that shit down so fast. Like I mean the entire company

•He wants to see you in nice expensive lingerie 

•Maybe you have some stretch marks? That’s okay. Jumin has honestly never seen why guys get all riled up about stretch marks like??? What’s the big deal??? If it bothers you, then he’d seek out skin care options to help you. Anything to make you feel good about yourself. But it doesn’t bother him, that’s the bottom line