AHhhhhh so I’ve had a few friends mention this to me, but I just don’t know? I’d feel really bad taking money from you guys? I would just feel so guilty lmao. And not to put down other artists or writers in the community, but I feel like my fanfiction, or at least imagines and scenarios I write, don’t really deserve that kind of reward lmao. Idk. I have however, been a little tight with money to spend on campus for supplies and food and what not and it’s been really stressful, so I’ve been thinking about ways to earn extra money? If this is something you guys wouldn’t mind I’m down but I just feel bad taking money lmao ): if anything, I might consider doing commissions? It’s just that those would be limited, and maybe to some people, expensive? I haven’t really worked out prices yet tbh. I even feel bad doing commissions though. I just don’t want to take money from you guys. But if this is something some people would be interested in then I can sign up or make an account