Lmaoooo he’s sorta like Tobirama yea. He’s a mix of Tobirama and Byakuya Kuchiki. Mostly Tobirama, just in the sense he’s a little prude and it takes persuasion to get him to open up and try uhhhh kinky things. Or really anything intimate in general. He’s also very strict and poised? Carries himself like he’s the biggest moralist on earth but with a little push, he can break easily. It’s just a challenge. I imagine Tobirama as the type who looks like a brick wall but if you know how to handle him then it’s not so difficult to get your way lmao


AHH idk I just feel like I need to apologize for everything in advance in case people don’t know that I know my imagines kinda suck lol. but that’s just me. I didn’t realize how much I did it until you mentioned, it so I’ll try to be better about it? Thank you though ❤

Ahhhh okay that makes sense. Sorry! You can send in some SFW once the box opens. And no pls thank you (((:

OMG nice. I feel like Uchiha would covet people they probably shouldn’t be coveting. i.e your best friend’s sister. It’s just in their blood

I imagine Madara is better at putting the moves on then Izuna is. Madara is just smooth. Izuna is kind of… impulsive. So he might definitely need some tips from his big brother