Kakashi Hatake


•Kakashi feels somewhat guilty about getting involved with someone younger, specifically if they’re much younger. A few years age gap won’t mean anything to him. But if it’s significant enough to cause him slight unease, he has to be careful about the relationship

•He doesn’t want anyone looking down on his s/o for dating someone older. That’s one of his main concerns. He’ll bring it up sometimes, jokingly asking his s/o “Are you sure you’re not just wasting your time on an old man like me?”

•He makes lots of these subtle jokes, but they have underlying meaning. It’s his way of venting his concerns. It relieves him when they laugh or counter his joke with their own joke, but he’s always a little concerned that they’ll reveal their doubts about the relationship one day

•Having a younger s/o is nice though. It makes him feel young too lmao. He assumes a younger s/o keeps up with trends and fads and what not (he sounds so old putting it that way) and that drama is relatively easier to find when you’re younger. And he likes hearing about drama tbh. Kakashi love key loves hearing that tea. Give him all that gossip. He lives for it

•Just a random thought but: I feel as though Kakashi would be more attentive to their birthday if they were much younger? As you get older, birthdays just aren’t as big of a deal. But if his s/o was late teens or early twenties, he’d try to make the birthdays ‘special’. He by no means goes all out and throws a lavish celebration, but he wants to make sure it’s memorable. Again, I’m not sure what age we’re talking here, but it would be cute if Kakashi spent the day with his s/o on their 21st. Or whatever age is traditionally unique in the Naruto verse. It’s a special day, and he wants to be at their side whenever possible


•Maybe being younger means they’re more adventurous? Which can be a good or bad thing for Kakashi, depending on his mood. It’s nice to spice things up every once in a while, but he’ll have to scold them if they’re overeager. i.e attempting to rile him up in public. If they’re the type to slowly rub their hand over his inner thigh under the table, he shoves them off and gives them a little look. It screams cut it out. Even if it is getting him a little hard, he doesn’t want to try anything too risky

•He suspects they might need some guidance when it comes to sex if they’re not too experienced. He’s by no means an expert either (even though he at times likes to believe he is) so the first few times they have sex, he takes it slow. Learns what they like, tries to educate them on what he likes. It’s nice and sensual

•Otherwise, there’s not a big difference for Kakashi when it comes to NSFW endeavors with a younger s/o. The only thing I can think of pertains to the dubiety of their relationship? If they’re not exactly a couple yet (a product of uncertainty, due to their age gap. as in, they don’t know if they should be officially dating yet) then Kakashi sees no reason why they can’t at least ‘fool around’ a little? 

•They like each other, right? So there’s no problem in getting intimate? But they don’t have to go all out and have proper sex. It can just be oral. Lots and lots of oral. Fingering. Making out. Nice foreplay in general

•That’s not to say they won’t get so heated one day that they don’t just go for it and fuck on the spot, but hey. I’m just saying, Kakashi might postpone that until they’re actually a couple