yay I love Kite


•Neck kisses drive him wild. He has a really sensitive neck

•Massaging his thighs will also rile him up. It’s one of the easiest ways to get his dick hard

•Slow, but passionate make-out sessions turn him on too. His s/o could be rubbing him directly over his pants but he won’t be as hard unless they’re making out at the same time

•He’s the type of guy who is sooo sensitive near his balls or his taint. Not too into having his ass touched, but the area between the balls and his ass is nice. If they press their finger around it or even just bite/lick along his inner thighs close to that area, he shivers

•When he’s getting head, he doesn’t mind if they keep sucking him after he comes. The hypersensitivity can feel so good. He’ll have to push at his s/o’s head after a few seconds though. He can only take it for so long before it starts to hurt

•Because he knows his hair can be an unavoidable hindrance, he doesn’t mind his partner playing with it. But he lovesss when he’s going down on his partner and they card their fingers through his hair. It encourages him and excites him