Ahhhh I suppose you’re right. I just don’t really know how patreon works? I’m half-afraid no one will donate or that the donation rate will be too much for people lmao? I wouldn’t want to open it if no one was interested in doing it. But I made an account anyway lmao. But I’m so confused on how this works. As for commissions, I’m slowly getting it set up! I’ll probably go into more detail once I have this round of imagines out of the way

Lmaooooo nah we’re chill but I kind of friend zoned him. Poor guy. Any girl would be lucky to have him though I got you I’ll hook y’all up. Yeah I ended up with a Tobirama but that’s okay he’s kinda cool ❤ and thank u love you ❤

Ahhhh it’s such a long story lmao. To make it short, I met him through a Japanese language program? Basically, you taught kids in Japan English, and they taught you Japanese. I think his dad forced him to do it but he didn’t really need it. His English is almost perfect. And my Japanese is kind of shit. He and his friends all speak with some heavy Kansai/Osaka-ben and because of that, that’s what I learned growing up. I struggle with Tokyo dialect lmao. But anyway yeah, we met around uhhh 8 years ago. That’s when I started the program. 10 years later and he’s my boo now. We’ve known each other since we were kids basically. We kept in touch and always had this weird little crush on each other but it’s only in the last few years we’ve really made a big deal out of it. He actually lives in Japan lmao. Some drastic long-distance. So he comes to visit me when he’s on business trips! But don’t worry I won’t tell him lol. He’d probably get flustered and ask me why I was ‘sharing our personal affairs with strangers on the internet’

Oooo a mix of both. One of those good girl in the streets bad girl in the sheets type of things. It could be vice versa too. Someone a tad feisty who he could ‘tame’ in the bedroom would also be nice. Idk. It’s just a mix of both

I would definitely nominate Madara-sama as one. There are so many I can’t even pick

He is a lil saucy I must admit. I’ve never hoed for him but I wouldn’t say no to a little saucy time with Genma tbh