Oooooooo okay. You didn’t specify fandoms so I’ll just pick randomly?

Naruto: Genma. Ino (but the storyline confuses her tbh. You can’t really maintain a decent conversation with her. She won’t know what you’re talking about. Doesn’t know the characters’ names. “The dragon lady” “her hot husband with the long hair and smokey eyes” or “the cute one with shaggy hair and the white dog”). Indra. Jiraiya (for nudity and the story) Ibiki. Kakuzu. Hidan Kisame. Maybe all of the Akatsuki tbh. Obito. Madara. Izuna. Tsunade. Maybe Tobirama, but he finds the nudity unnecessary and annoying. Shikamaru. Tenten. Konohamaru. Shisui. Sasuke.

BleachBazz B. Gin. Grimmjow. Szayel. Ikkaku. Kisuke. Shinji probably makes the rest of the Visored watch it with him. Unohana. 

Hxh: Hisoka. Most of the Phantom Troupe tbh, especially the trouble trio. Kite. Ging.