Oh my idk what to really write about this, so I hope these are decent?

Kyoraku Shunsui

•Kyoraku lovesssss the voice. He really likes those deep, sensual voices. He can listen to his s/o talk for hours and hours. It either puts him to sleep or uhhhh turns him on a bit. So watch out

•Kyoraku enjoys a fun, vivacious s/o quite honestly. That by no means commands that he has to have a bubbly s/o, because a collected s/o is just as nice. He would just hope that they could open up and let loose around him, even if it had to be in private

•A mature s/o might be good for him though. Not that he isn’t mature, but he obviously slacks off and gets himself into unnecessary dilemmas that could easily be avoided. His s/o and Nanao will have to keep him on track. It’s a dual effort, but rarely makes a dent in his laziness tbh

•Only good thing about possibly being lectured by his mature s/o would be hearing that voice. He’d purposely do things to irritate them just to get scolded. It’s a small price to pay if he can listen to that smooth, sexy voice. He has a little smirk on his face the entire time