OKAY so.

Here is my Patreon (idk how to work Patreon so if there’s anything wrong let me know). I have a few “rewards” on my Patreon that you can check out. If you have any more ideas that I can use for rewards, then let me know!

This link is just for the people who were asking. Please don’t feel obliged to send me anything. I feel bad about accepting money and not offering anything in return so I figured the rewards section of my Patreon would compensate? Ahhh I feel bad

And as for commissions I’m gonna give a little disclosure. This is long, so:

Commissions as a whole have just always bothered me. I don’t want anyone who can’t pay/doesn’t have access to pay me via online to feel bad or feel as though they’re missing out on “better” writing because of that. And I feel as though I don’t deserve to be paid for something as simple as writing? But if it’s something you guys would be interested in then I’m down

But as I’m taking more classes this semester and getting more involved on campus AND moving into an apartment with some friends, I want to make sure I don’t burden my mom too much with the $$$. It’s been a huge source of stress for me lately ahhh. I could put money from commissions toward monthly rent/textbooks/food money or whatever. I’m just in need of some money right now lmao. I don’t mean to complain, but gaining some extra money really would be a huge help but if I need to get the money, I want you guys to get something in return too

As mentioned in another post about commissions I made, the only difference between what I write now on the blog and what I would commission would probably be the length of the fic, and your ability to give me longer, more detailed prompts. Also, I will probably write your OCs if I can

So I’ll accept:

Scenario prompts (OC or reader or s/o, your choice) And yes, NSFW prompts are totally fine

Headcanon prompts (This will probably only be of interest to you if you’re looking for OC pairing headcanons. But if you really want more regular headcanons like I do on the blog, as in ‘reader insert’ or ‘s/o’ headcanons, then we can talk)

I might accept other little projects if I can think of any. I’m open to suggestions!

As for OCs:

We can talk about your OCs, just so I can get an idea of what they’re like and try to grasp their characterization. But I may or may not put these finished OC commissions on the blog because

1. Some people may not want to read it. Some people just don’t enjoy OC stories and I understand that. However, I also know there are some people who like OC stories so…

2. It’s probably going to depend on whether or not you want me to post it. It will be your OC, after all. And I wouldn’t post it if you didn’t want me to

That goes for all commissions I write: I won’t post it on the blog unless you want me to. Otherwise, it’s your personal story and no one but me and you will ever see it (and I don’t kinkshame btw ((((: )


As for prices, I’m still figuring that out? I hope it’s not unfair of me to say this, but they might be pricy to some people simply because scenarios are really difficult for me to write, and I need an incentive if they’re not regular blog scenarios. Additionally, writing OCs or just really detailed prompts, is even more difficult

I don’t really know how much I’d charge. I’ll make a payment chart but for now, a 5k story would be arounddd $15/$20? I hope that’s not too much. 5k words might not seem like a lot, but when you’re like me and you struggle with scenarios, it really is lmao. I also might enlist an extra $5 fee for every OC you request, simply because OC stories can be tricky

But yeah I’ll get this all worked out later. I’m not accepting commissions right now. I’ll need to get through this round of imagines first. I also won’t be accepting many commissions at one time. Probably three or four depending on the lengths requested

You would have to understand that my main focus would be the blog, so I won’t get the commissions done instantly. I will do them, I promise, but I won’t be able to spin them out in a matter of days

This isn’t a finalized set of rules, I’ll probably make a page about it on the blog. Let me know if you have any questions!