I meant to write this close to their birthday but I missed it, oops 


•Doesn’t care much for birthdays. Especially not his own. If he catches wind that talk of his birthday is going around, he puts an end to it. He doesn’t want a surprise birthday party or any sort of celebrations. He just doesn’t like it

•A cup of sake with a few close friends is fine but otherwise, really, just no celebrating. He finds parties to be dull and trivial

•You didn’t specify headcanons with a s/o, but I’ll throw this in anyway: He’s only comfortable with the idea of his s/o doing something for his birthday. He by no means wants them to go overboard, but coming home to a nice dinner wouldn’t be too bad. Intimacy is important to Madara. Which is why even going out to a bar wouldn’t suffice, because there are people there. He needs a closed space where he can just relax

•Madara doesn’t need gifts either. He’d honestly get upset if he heard that someone was wracking their brain over birthday gift ideas. He doesn’t want people spending that much time on him

•If he were to be content with any gift, it would be something simple, like a new article of clothing or an outfit, maybe an obi? Of course it would be especially meaningful if they tailored the fabric themselves. Madara appreciates a hand-crafted gift


•He makes so many jokes during the week leading up to his birthday. Mostly like “Hmmm the 31st of December? Sounds like a special day. Does anyone know why?” And everyone in the shop is just like… shut up Kisuke

•I mean yeah he makes jokes, but he honestly doesn’t care much about his birthday? He’ll indulge himself in a few sweets, but he doesn’t really need a big celebration. He can just celebrate himself. Which might sound sad in a way, but it’s probably better for Kisuke. He enjoys the quiet

•For example, he’s obviously an outgoing guy, but he can only be in the company of a large crowd for so long until it wears him out. So a big celebration is of course welcomed, but he won’t push for it

•If anything, he would just appreciate someone cooking him his favorite meal for dinner or something. Nothing too fancy

•He will of course get drunk with anyone and everyone who is willing to drink though. Birthday drinking yayyy he loves it. He and Yoruichi probably make it a tradition


•Rukia is the type who doesn’t mention her birthday to anyone because she’s so bashful. She just feels too guilty if she tries to make her birthday all about her (which is kind of the point of birthdays? Oh well) so she just keeps quiet

•Which kind of sucks for everyone else though, because you know when it’s someone’s birthday and you didn’t say happy birthday to them!!? Happens to Rukia all the time!!! She just makes people feel bad!! She’s not too beat up about it though

•If she had to celebrate, she would prefer to wait until all of her close friends were free. Like a weekend party, even if it’s a few days after her birthday

•She’s not big on her own cake, rather, she likes an assortments of little sweets. Food would probably be her favorite part

•She doesn’t really have anything in mind for her party, so it would be best if her friends had a schedule planned out. It could be something as simple as dinner, or even a picnic, then having a drink together afterward. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive

•Byakuya is the only one who tries too hard. But in a very subtle way. She might be opening presents from everyone, and then suddenly, she gets to this ridiculously intricate gift box and inside is like… I don’t know. Something that no one other than Byakuya Kuchiki would have thought of. Some scarf woven from the finest silks or something like that