All of these are kind of short my bad


•Tobirama isn’t a fan of onsens because he considers them more of an unnecessary recreation rather than a fun way to relax, but if his s/o beseeches him, he’ll give in

•His s/o shouldn’t expect him to get all cute and cuddly though. He probably stays on his own side, just looking miserable. He honestly doesn’t like how hot it gets in onsens. It makes him uncomfortable. He’ll want to get out after like, five minutes

•The fun part is washing each other off afterward. He’s all grumpy about it, claiming that he can wash himself, but if his s/o insists, he sits down on the stool and is super stiff the entire time. He feels uncomfortable. Even when they take regular baths together, he doesn’t like them washing him. It’s just like?? Stop rubbing me so hard? And dON’T GO NEAR MY THIGHS STOP


•Well first off, if his s/o hasn’t seen him without his mask yet, he’s probably suspicious. He knows this little trip to the onsen is probably just their way of getting him to take off the mask. Very sly.

•But he plays along. His s/o would be waiting in the pool, eager for him to come out because yay!! They finally get to see his face! But he comes out with a towel wrapped around his lower face, like a scarf. Mission failed

•He’ll act like nothing is wrong tbh. He teases them if they try to pry. Like “What’s wrong, ______? Why are you pouting?”

•He enjoys his time in the onsen though. Kakashi doesn’t get to relax very often (despite what the lackadaisical demeanor might suggest) and relaxing with his s/o is even better. He pulls up next to them and lies back with an arm behind their shoulders


•Hidan doesn’t like onsens. All he does is complain. “It’s too hot!” “I’m not getting in!” (Does hot water bother zombies?) 

•Honestly, if you want him to get in, you have to call him a pussy. Just do it. That’ll piss him off and he’ll get in out of spite. Using spite is the easiest way to sway Hidan tbh

•He sinks down into the water until you can only see his eyes, looking as feverish and angry as ever. He’s a grump. He’s just trying to show you that he can handle it, but he’s still not happy about it

•Can zombies feel relaxing sensations too??? I don’t know??? If they can, Hidan finds that the onsen is actually pleasant. He can withstand the heat anyway, he just complains for good measure. He’ll still be in the pool when his s/o wants to get out because they’re overheated. He’ll tease them about it too, “Who’s the pussy now?!”