•First of all, you know Jumin waited the whollllle year for Valentine’s day. He wouldn’t mention it at all, wanting to keep it a surprise, trying to convince MC he wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it. But you know he’s going to anyway

•He takes the day off, effectively flustering Jaehee because “The company still operates on Valentine’s Day, Mr. Han”

•He firstly leaves out a wonderful dress for MC, asking that she please wear it and be ready when he comes home, not alluding to any Valentine’s Day plans, but it’s obvious at some point. See, he left that morning, giving her the impression he was going to work, but of course he’s not. He’ll have bought her a Valentine’s present far in advance, but he went out that morning and searched for last minute presents. He’s a perfectionist, and wonders if the presents he already has will be enough. Jumin goes overboard

•Upon coming home, he comes to MC and leads her into the dining area where a lavish dinner has been prepared. Her favorite meal btw

•He’s sooo corny throughout the entire dinner. He just dotes MC so much. He does that most days, he can’t help it.

•The night ends with a comfortable bath for the two of them, Jumin having MC lie on his chest while he massages her back and neck 


•He doesn’t have anything particularly special planned tbh. At first, he’d think that since it’s their first Valentines, he needed to go all out. But the more he thought about it, a chill Valentines day just sounded so much better. He enjoys spending time with MC without any pressure. The strain of trying to make the day perfect would just mess with his head. But he’d end up making it special in his own little way

•The whole day is just Seven treating MC and having fun. He makes a nice breakfast in the morning (brings her a pack of Honey Buddha Chips while she’s in bed and jokingly tells her that’s what she gets for breakfast)

•Pretty much just a long day of chillin??? Halfway through the day he might have a “random” craving for a nice steak and bottle of wine, and will suggest that they go get all dressed up and go out for dinner. Just a nice little Valentine’s dinner

•IF HE HAD TO GET A PRESENT HE WOULD BUY HER A CARRRR AHHHHH. He’d present the keys in a little box, letting her believe it was a necklace or some other piece of jewelrym then bam. She opens it and there’s the keys to an expensiveeeee ass car

•Or he might just tell MC to treat herself tbh, and take her on a shopping spree. He enjoys trailing her and watching as she excitedly picks out what she wants. It gets him excited. Makes him feel good to treat her


•He would book them a nice dinner reservation. I headcanon V as being an excellent cook, but he would prefer treating MC and taking her out somewhere lavish. He likes spending money on his s/o tbh, he’s just not as direct about it as his buddy Jumin

•He hopes for the day to be fun and stress-free, but he wonders if his illness will get in the way somehow. So while he’s happy to be spending time with MC, he’s a little nervous 

•If his vision wasn’t impaired, he’d take her anywhere she wanted to go. The park, the movies, a museum, anywhere. He could still do that now, but he feels like his partial blindness might complicate some things. He just can’t move around freely, if that makes sense? He feels like a burden

•Which is why MC turning the tables and planning their Valentine’s day would be so great. Imagine V just venturing into the kitchen that morning after he smells something cooking, and sees MC making them a nice Valentine’s breakfast? He would be soooo happy. And when she tells him they should just spend the day relaxing, he’s even happier, and relieved

•That doesn’t mean he won’t surprise her though. He’d have a beautiful bouquet delivered, with a sweet note attached. Then for dinner, he might put his skills to use and cook them a dinner