OooooOo shit


•What a damn flustered mess. Tobirama can’t handle it. He can keep a straight face for a decent amount of time, but you would be able to visibly notice his features tensing under frustration. He doesn’t understand why his s/o would do something like this??? When they know someone else is in the room?? 

•He attempts to push her away, but realizing that’s going to draw attention to himself, he stops, and begrudgingly lets her continue. He honestly might try to kick at her as a last resort. He is just panicking

•If the visitor is trying to have a conversation with Tobirama, he can maintain the conversation, for a time. He’ll sound a little strained though, and sometimes he drifts off when she starts sucking on his cock. He could handle her rubbing him over his pants, or even taking his dick out and stroking him a little, but the moment she puts her mouth on his cock, it’s over. Blowjobs get to Tobirama. He can barely keep composure during a casual blowjob, so a blowjob under these circumstances? She’s getting a 4 hour lecture when this is over. This will mark her as an enemy to the village. This crime is unforgivable. He does not find this amusing

•If she fondles his balls he has to stop himself from jolting in his seat. Ball fondling is a one way ticket to Tobirama shifting his hips and moaning quietly, but he holds in the moan (which is unfortunate, because Tobirama’s deep moans are so hot)

•His expression/fidgeting is what gives the most away. His brows will furrow and he grits his teeth sometimes, works his jaw. His fingers flex into the table, or if he’s not too hesitant to reach down under the desk, they tighten in her hair

•As mentioned, Tobirama is weak when it comes to blowjobs. If she keeps sucking him good, combined with the high adrenaline of a public blowjob (honestly he might lose his erection if he has that much anxiety, but let’s say he’s still hard) Tobirama is not going to last. He panics as he’s about to come though. He can’t stop his hips from rutting up once or twice in her mouth, can’t stop his body from shuddering

•He quickly tells the visitor to leave (practically barks the order at them) just as he’s about to come. The moment they’re gone, he’ll push back his chair and try to pry her off his dick but let’s say he didn’t make it in time and damn, he’s coming. If he happened to pull her off in time then that means he’s accidentally coming on her face, which makes his orgasm a lot stronger for some reason


•You can definitely tell something is wrong just by Hashirama’s face alone. As soon as she touches him, the modest smile that was on his face suddenly widens into this crooked, strained grin and he sits straight up in his seat. He just looks so awkward and flustered and confused. Poor bb

•He can’t talk either. Lots of “uhhh…um… I…” he’s a mess

•He might gently push her head away to make her stop, because he knows he’s not going to keep composure. There’s no way he could in such a risky situation

•But if she’s already on his dick he doesn’t know what to do. He feels guilty for still being so hard. He shouldn’t be hard in this situation!!! He’s going to get in trouble!!! But oh well

•A handjob alone will have him twitching and fidgeting. He tried pushing her hands away but he realized it probably looked super suspicious with his hands messing around under the desk so he quickly folded them on top of his desk and leaned in to listen to the visitor, giving them his undivided attention, like a good boy

•But if this visitor doesn’t know something is wrong by just the look on his face alone, then they’re probably stupid. Hashirama cannot keep composure. He tries to hard. But his face twitches and he bites his lip sometimes. It just feels so good. Even if she’s still just jerking him off and not actually sucking on him yet, he’s losing it

•When she uses her mouth though that’s it. Can’t handle it. He’s coming fast. The situation just makes his orgasm approach at a faster rate

•He probably grabs the nearest document and pretends to inspect it closely, hiding his face behind the paper and away from the visitor until his orgasm washes over him. But he makes noises. So many noises. Damn it Hashirama

•A strangled moan at the back of his throat, heavy breathes through his nose, then one long, tight sigh once he’s done and his body stops tingling. He probably gives it away 


•Madara is too good at maintaining that stoic facade. At most, he might inhale a sharp breath of air the moment her hands move over his erection. He doesn’t panic, doesn’t give any other sign that he might be flustered other than shifting his legs a little. Because really, he’s not flustered

•If anything, he’d be a little annoyed that she was trying something so risky. Not that Madara doesn’t enjoy risk, but it’s usually on his terms and his terms only. This is just not something he’s used to

•He’ll entertain her for a while though. Depending on whether his cock is out already, the biggest problem will be getting his pants down without the visitor hearing the shuffle of clothing. In which case, Madara might carefully help her pull his pants down

•He can handle her slowly jerking him off, and maybe adding a little tongue action along the head of his cock. But if she tries to suck him down he gets a little hesitant, because she’s bound to make some wet, slurping noises at some point. So he’ll literally push her head off if she tries anything funny 

•He’ll also keep a tight grip on her hair the entire time, the other hand holding a document that he places close to his lap, so it doesn’t look suspicious that he’s paying so much attention to what’s between his legs

•He’ll give her this little look if she’s getting too cocky and doing something he doesn’t like, maybe running her teeth over his cock and licking his balls. I mean, not that he doesn’t like that, but she’s being too bold for his likings. If she continues to disobey, she’s definitely in for a treat later

•Now if this visitor just looks completely unfazed by what’s going on and doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening, Madara can get a little frisky. If she’s going to be sucking on his cock and making a big deal of it (i.e taking him down her throat or nipping a little) he’ll push her head down and make her gag. Just once though, just as a slight punishment. The first gag probably gets the visitor a little startled, but Madara masks the sound by moving something on his desk or shuffling paper. Still looking as nonchalant as ever, too

•He’ll probably end up coming down her throat by the end of it, hoping that she doesn’t gag too much or make a lot of noise. His expression is commendably blank as he comes, though the fist in her hair tightens painfully