You can send it through here or Patreon. Once you pledge, I’ll send you a message through Patreon about what should go into your matchup and how I’ll get it to you!

I took it down for a few hours because I was told it might be illegal to commission work when it comes to fictional characters, and I was feeling a little guilty about using Patreon anyway, so that just made me take it down when I was kind of upset. A few people encouraged me to put it back up though so I did. I think it’s working now? Maybe I’m wrong? The link is here though in case you need it. Thanks to everyone who pledged already! 

I took my paypal post down just because I felt bad about keeping it up. I feel bad asking y’all to pay me just to pay me. I set up my patreon so it could be a give and take thing. I’ll have my paypal up again when it comes to commissions though

@daily-dose-of-naruto @keeping-up-with-the-kenpachis I don’t know many other multi fandom blogs tbh? Most are either inactive or a few of them I know don’t write for any of the same fandoms that I do

@idionia-dovahkiin that’s probably what he was hoping for anyway tbh he enjoys it

Probably Naruto, Death Note, and HxH

@fabzzr Lmaoooo honestly I had that post in mind when I wrote those headcanons. Love that post