I hope you feel better soon, and I’m glad the imagines can help you a little. This is a sensitive subject though so I’m going to put it under the cut

Hashirama: He’s just a mess. It’s going to take all his strength to pull himself together in order to be strong for her. Maybe Hashirama found her in the process/after her attempt? Which scars him for life, definitely. He just feels awful. He wonders if it’s his fault, and wonders if there’s anything he could have done to prevent it. For a long time after the accident, he spends as much time with her as he can. He’ll probably breakdown one day and ask her if there’s anything he can do to help her, because that’s all he wants. He’s doting and loyal, there for her whenever she needs it, and does whatever he can to nurse her back to health again. But he’s just really broken up man. He feels devastated.

Tobirama: Of course, he’s a bit bereft of the compassion that’s necessary to comfort someone’s who’s just endured trauma like this, even if it’s his s/o. He will be angry at first. Angry that she would resort to ending her life rather than try to solve her problems, or, rather than ask him to help her. That’s a lot of where his anger is centered. The fact that he was helpless in this situation and he came close to losing her without being able to help. Or if he tried to help her before the accident, it’s even more frustrating because obviously, his efforts were futile. And he hates being powerless. He tries to support her the best he can, but he’s a little lost tbh. His way of consoling her is just encouraging her to talk to him. He’s not always the most approachable person. And he wonders if that’s what contributed to her turmoil in the first place. So he tries to let her know that she can talk to him whenever she needs to.

Madara: Is also angry. In the shinobi world, you’ll have those who resort to ending their lives for the sake of pride, but Madara has never seen it as a particularly prudent decision. So he’s not ‘fond’ of the idea of it (you shouldn’t be fond of the idea of suicide, I know. But he doesn’t really ‘respect’ the decision okay) So to know his s/o was pushed past her breaking point to where she even attempted suicide, it would unsettle him. He’d of course want to know why, want to know what he could do to get her out of this slump—but it’s plain to see he’s a little irritated that this happened at all. That doesn’t mean he’s not compassionate—as compassionate as someone like Madara can be—but he tries not to let his personal feelings get in the way, all in favor of finding ways to help her so she doesn’t do it again. One big problem with Madara though, is that he won’t stop badgering her if she doesn’t tell him what drove her to do it in the first place. He has to know why. He has to know what’s been bothering her. Otherwise, it just eats at him. 

Kakashi: Of course is no stranger to the trauma of suicide. Whatever her reasons were, Kakashi feels terrible. He wishes he could have done something. He hates himself for not noticing the signs. He hates that she would do the same thing his father did, and leave him alone in this world. That last part is a little selfish, and he knows that. But he cares for her a lot and he would hate to lose another so dear to him. After her attempt, he slowly but sincerely consoles her. He doesn’t push her, he doesn’t rush to get her back to a healthy mind set, but he does make sure he’s there for her.