Sasuke Uchiha

•To be quite honest, Sasuke just isn’t an avid masturbator. It’s more of a “Well I should probably do it now so I don’t have wet dreams soon” sentiment, because he gets major wet dreams if he goes too long without jerking off

•But because masturbating is more of a nuisance to him than a pleasure, he tends to do it fast and get it over with. Really firm and frantic strokes. Precum gushing out in a matter of seconds, balls tightening up in a matter of minutes. He can get himself to come in under a minute if he tries hard

•However, just because he rushes through it, doesn’t mean he won’t be thinking of his s/o. He starts off just thinking of their body, and tries to limit himself to just that. But pretty soon, his mind drifts. If they’ve already had sex, then he thinks about his favorite memories of them in the bedroom. Probably what they look like when they come, when they whimper his name, or especially, he tries to remember how their mouth feels on his dick 

•Sasuke is silent when he masturbates tbh. He’ll let a little grunt slip out every so often, but he’s not really a moaner. Moans are reserved for the times he hasn’t jerked off in like, weeks, and his orgasm is heavy

•Now if Sasuke ever caught his s/o masturbating, he’s not going to go join them or really do anything about it. Sorry. That’s just not his style. He’s too flustered

•He’ll stare a little, longer than he probably should, then walk away as soon as possible. If they saw him staring, he wouldn’t have an excuse. He just stands there like a deer caught in headlights, mutters an apology, and dips

•It’s only if they reallllly persuaded to come “help” that he would go along with it, all the while feeling a little awkward. Watching them masturbate isn’t really a huge turn on, but he’d learn to like it