•Nipple play. Likes to twist them hard when he wants his partner to whimper

•Light asphyxiation



Possibly exhibitionism. Nothing extreme. But if he was fucking his partner and someone walked in, say Gin, then he wouldn’t stop immediately. He wouldn’t make a big deal of covering himself or his partner. He’ll make a snide remark about invading his privacy, but he’s not offended by it tbh

•Orgasm denial

•A submissive partner turns him on. But, a partner who puts up a fight is equally as enticing. He considers it a challenge

•Blowjobs also turn him on. It’s an easy way to make his partner submit to him when they’re down on their knees. And of course, it feels good

•Making his partner slowlllly undress. Then chastising them if they go too fast or don’t obey him

•Probably strip teases in general, as long as he’s the one who ordered them to strip