Rukia Kuchiki


•Rukia is just naturally a good mother. She’s always had motherly instincts, and shifts into a motherly role so easily? She wasn’t at all nervous during her pregnancy. Never once had doubts. And when the baby is born she’s just so happy

•The first few months with a baby can be stressful, she knows. But she doesn’t let herself stress.She takes it slow. She just enjoys her new life as a mother for what it is. Never gets frustrated, never lets her frustration take over to the point that she may lash out at her s/o. None of that. Rukia can handle it

•Rukia would leave it up to her s/o if they wanted another child. She probably would tbh. Once they have their first, Rukia just falls in love. And once they’re grown, she misses holding a little bundle in her arms. She just misses it. So if her s/o wanted, she’d definitely be down for another child

•But she knows it will be difficult having children when she has her captain’s duties to juggle. But I imagine the Seireitei would be rather lenient when it came to captain’s starting families. If necessary, anyone can babysit for her and her s/o. And actually, I don’t imagine Rukia would be completely opposed to bringing her babies into work. Everyone loves them anyways

•She does need some alone time with her s/o though. I imagine after children come into the picture, Rukia shifts into the slow and steady romance cycle with her s/o. They’re not overly romantic, it might not be as heavy as it was before the kids, but there’s this new bond they have because hey, they actually had children. They made these little things. And it’s just nice knowing that? It’s nice knowing your s/o gave you children, and of course her s/o is equally as grateful that she gave them children too

•She has someone babysit the kids (probably hands them over to Byakuya one day. Uncle Byakuya doesn’t like being a glorified babysitter but hey. He loves his nieces/nephews) and Rukia and her s/o have a little date night. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just eating a nice dinner together every so often when she’s not busy with her captain duties, just so they can relax


•So, when the sex is reallly good, Rukia has a difficult time not coming constantly. Which in essence, is pretty great. But she’d be coming every like, five minutes. Once she gets going, it’s difficult to stop. It’s just a hassle sometimes when her orgasms are so heavy that she makes her s/o pause so she can recuperate

•Rukia is really into masturbating tbh. Mainly, after she moves into an extensive sex life with her partner. She doesn’t know if her s/o would be offended by her masturbating in their absence, but she just enjoys it? She always thinks of her s/o, anyway

•She fluctuates between being vocal, or subdued. She pants a lot, like a lot. Other times, she just lets out the occasional sigh

•Rukia isn’t a fan of anything extremely BDSM, but she finds that she likes it when her partner bites her. Not too hard, but just enough to put a little kick into the sex

•She can also handle the occasional spank. She has this habit of wiggling her ass a little if her partner spanks her

•She’s a sucker for cliche, romantic settings when it comes to sex. Like a candle-lit bedroom with roses and stuff like that. She just thinks it’s so sweet

•When she’s feeling frisky, she likes to bite her partner’s ear

•Rukia enjoys foreplay and general fooling around. Late at night, when she gets into bed with her s/o, she likes to just caress and massage them. Their back, their arms, their stomach. Then when it’s getting a little heated, their thighs, their ass. Then she just goes for it and starts rubbing or stroking them. She likes it when they return the favor and play with her clit or nipples

•Rukia doesn’t mind domming her s/o. Not at all. Even if they had some weird kinks like pet play or something. She would totally go for it. She can be an excellent dominatrix