those headcanons were with fem s/o so I’m going to do the same with these if that’s cool


•Deidara is irritated. He doesn’t like it when his s/o comes onto him. It emasculates him tbh. He has to be the one to come onto them

•Which means if her rubbing and massaging on his thighs actually succeeds in riling him up, he’ll take charge. But he’s rough and unfair. He’ll pinch her inner thighs, whether as a warning for her to stop, or a cheeky encouragement, it depends on how he’s feeling. He may be willing to indulge her, or he might not be in the mood. He’s kind of a temperamental drunk too, so he could change his mind halfway through and shove her hands away

•Deidara is rather good about not drawing attention to himself though. He keeps a solid expression. It’s the s/o who might give it away if she’s moaning quietly or yelping when he pinches her thighs. He shushes her and tells her to shut up

•But he gets a little bit of a power trip watching her thighs rub together and her hands eagerly rub his cock over his pants. If he can slip inside her panties without too much trouble, he’ll rub her clit or finger her a little

•It’s fun for a while, until her moans get too loud. Deidara is irritated she can’t get a hold of herself. That’s when he pushes her out of the table and orders her to follow him, probably scolding her the entire time like “What’s wrong with you? Too much to drink? Walk straight damn it, hurry up!”

•Deidara doesn’t realize the alcohol hit him just as much as it hit her too. He wouldn’t be this eager if not for the alcohol in his system. He probably gets her ouside the place like in an alley, or maybe, he finds it in him to drag her back to his place or hers. But it’s just a mess from that point on

•He can’t even concentrate, let alone get her out of her clothes. He’s a dry humping fanatic though. Once he gets all nice and snug between her legs and they wrap around his waist, he needs to just grind against her. And pooooor Deidara is the one who probably comes in his pants. Alcohol + heavy rubbing on his crotch all night=easily aroused Deidara. Then he just passes out on top of her probably


•Kakashi just really isn’t into it. Maybe if his s/o was sober, he could entertain it a little. But she’s obviously had too much to drink, and he doesn’t like the hazy, loopy looks she’s giving him and the way her hands rub at his arms and legs

•Kissing on his neck is what gets to him though. She leans closer and wraps her arms around him, pulls him down to leave a few kisses along his neck. He’s so flustered, he has to untangle her arms and gently push her away, whispering “______, not here”

•Let’s say my girl is persistent though. She pouts a little, knowing Kakashi is serious because he’s giving her that look. But Kakashi can’t hold his alcohol that well either. She sees that he’s a little out of it himself, so she goes for it and just cups his dick over his pants

•Kakashi sits straight up in his seat, eyes wide and grasps her wrists. And that warning look is even more intense when he glares down at her, shaking his head. But she’s squeezing his cock and fuck is he getting a little hard? He’s telling his body no no no stop, but he can’t help it. Alcohol is not good for his self-control

•Unfortunately, if she takes the next step and tries to reach into his pants to play with his dick, that’s when his senses come to him and he has to push her away completely, no matter how riled up he is. Kakashi can see through the blur of alcohol just enough to know that it’s a bad idea. His heavy blush may be covered by his mask, but he doesn’t know if he’d be able to hold in his moans and grunts 

•Her best chance at getting some Kakashi dick is to get him out of the public eye and in a private place. Her house or his is preferred, but if it’s the bathroom, then he might give in. Kakashi probably wouldn’t be coordinated enough to go for full out sex though. It’ll probably be some mutual masturbation thing. He’ll finger her or rub her clit, and she can jerk him off. He’s a little irritated with the mess it makes once it’s over, but oh well. Drunk Kakashi will worry about that later


•Now listen idk why, but I imagine Asuma and his s/o in particular sitting across from each other. And under the table, she reaches her foot over and lets it run over his inner thighs a little, giving him a saucy, but dazed little smirk the entire time

•Asuma starts laughing nervously the minute her feet go near his crotch, simply because he’s convinced she’s just being a little frisky, and doesn’t intend to take it far. But when she really starts rubbing at his crotch, he’s like…. uhh…uh… fuck

•He doesn’t really have a thing for feet but it’s still hot to look down and see her little toes running over the growing bulge in his pants. He’d glance around nervously and scoot closer to the table, whispering over at her “We shouldn’t be doing this in public… ah…” Yet his hands go to her feet and encourage them to press on his cock a little harder

•He lets her keep up this little act, eyes glancing around the place fervently in hopes that what they’re doing isn’t too obvious. He fights hard to keep a stoic expression, but he can’t help it. He’s adventurous at heart. This is fun. This is kinda hot

•Asuma doesn’t want to make a mess in his pants so at some point he makes her stop. He won’t immediately drag her home though. He lets the tension settle, and they continue their night like normal, all the while sharing quick, saucy glances at each other every once in a while, smiling and blushing because damn, they’re bad. They’re naughty. Drunk Asuma loves it

•The anticipation ends up working perfectly. Once they burst through the doors of his home they’re just on each other. It’s intense and frenzied but they’re both probably chuckling the whole time. They’re so drunk it probably doesn’t last long, but Asuma makes sure she comes before he does and they pass out together