•Itachi wants to take it slow on his wedding night. The day’s celebrations kind of wore him out, and by the time he gets his s/o alone, he’s a little fatigued. That doesn’t mean he won’t want to spend some quality, intimate time with them, but he would rather they relax first

•He might draw them a nice hot bath. They’ll relax for a little. He’ll massage them and wash them as they both unwind from the day

•Itachi just has this general glow of… appreciation around him. This is his spouse now. They’re married. He still cares for them as much as he did before they were married, if not more, but of course there’s this exciting warmth filling him now because this is his spouse. They’re finally bound together through marriage and that’s just such an accomplishment to him

•Awww wouldn’t it be cute if his s/o brushed his long hair for him when they got out of the bath. They just take care of each other. Like I said, taking it slow. They’re both smiling and looking all content and in bliss. This contained eagerness is even more prevalent if they haven’t slept together yet. They’re just building up the anticipation 

•It’s a subtle anticipation though. Not one that makes Itachi want to jump on them the first chance he gets, but enough to have his eyes carefully running over their naked body as he lays them on the bed 

•That fresh sense of marriage just really gets him man. Even if he and his s/o slept together before this, there’s something so new about having your partner when you two are actually married. So his s/o would be able to feel the new invigoration 


•Shisui has a more difficult time putting down his eagerness, but he’s by no means going to rush you. He’d let his s/o take it slow, especially if they were nervous on the wedding night

•But he makes it fun though? Jokes about how now that they’re married, his s/o is stuck with him forever. No excuses. No refunds. He’s just really happy and relaxed. This is his time to let loose and enjoy the night with his s/o and he can’t help a few quips here and there

•I like to imagine Shisui and his s/o have their wedding night at a nice hot springs? It builds up anticipation and of course, it’s always nice to relax at a hot springs

•They get to bathe together and unwind in the water, cuddling up with each other, under a nice, starry night

•Shisui gets a little nervous though. Especially if the wedding night will be their first time. Even if Shisui wasn’t a virgin, the anticipation turns into anxiety because ahhhh this is their first time?? It’s so special?? He hopes he doesn’t mess up or come off as too eager?

•He might suggest they have a little sake before hand. Sake calms the brain. He’s not a big drinker, but they probably had a few drinks anyway during their wedding celebrations. The hot springs inn where they’re staying probably offers some complimentary sake and food to the newly wed couple, so they have themselves a nice sit down dinner once they’re out of the hot springs

•Afterward, once they’re in bed together, it’s a little giddy. I see Shisui chuckling and laughing a lot with his s/o. Like Itachi, Shisui just finds the idea of having sex with his s/o almost surreal now that they’re married. He can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed, but overwhelmed in a good way