Happy Valentine’s!!!!

There’s just lots of discourse that comes with fandom ships and I can’t standddd it. So I don’t want to really have any ship writing on my blog

Hmmmm I can’t say I’ve ever seen any Kakuzu x reader fics? And not portrayed as pussy? Lmao I’m not sure I know what you mean. I don’t know if I would do Kakuzu any justice though tbh

@gabb-yeet Lmaoooo I’ve actually thought about this before. Love that wood style

I like how each of the sunglasses signifies their personalities like… Tobiarma has those pretentious aviator glasses and Hiruzen has old man glasses and omg so cute

@supah-novah-betch WOW THANKS DADDY ❤ I better get some more of these. You know I need that Hokage dick

@artsyfartsyash if you sent this with the intention of implying this is something that me, a wild Texas gal, would do, then yes too true. I’d ride the shit out of a barbie jeep I used to have one and I was the best driver in my neighborhood