Shikamaru is annoyed because he doesn’t understand how anyone is so gullible that they would get scared? He is not impressed.

Sasuke is not phased. It just doesn’t scare him. He looks annoyed

Itachi is also rather composed the whole time but he just doesn’t really like haunted houses. He thinks they’re a waste of money

Deidara pretends he’s not scared but the minute something pops out at him he jumps and almost screams

Minato is a scaredy cat. Can’t do it. Would 100% refuse to go in. It’s only if people really coax him that he reluctantly agrees, sweating the entire time. He like tiptoes through the place. He’s terrified

Neji is the one everyone hides behind. They make him go in first. He can handle it, but he’s low key a little stressed and on edge. The first few times someone scares him he’s like ok… no big deal… but he’s ready to bolt the second someone catches him off guard

Tsunade punches someone on accident

Hidan thinks he’ll be alright but he makes this weird, angry yelp when someone pops up, then just starts yelling at them. Shit! Don’t do that! Fuck off! Stop!”

Temari takes haunted houses like a champ. She doesn’t really find the fun it them, but she’s not scared. She gets a good laugh out of it

Kankuro isn’t as brave as his sister. But he’s just as confident. He keeps his composure throughout the whole thing, but his heart is pounding. If he was holding someone’s hand he would squeeze and that’s how you would know he was scared