•Indra finds jealousy to be a tiresome emotion and will put it out of his mind as often as possible. He’s more likely to envy than he is to get jealous. In terms of jealousy when it comes to a s/o, it still ends up being something more along the lines of envious frustration

•He knows he’s not the most attentive and considerate man out there, so if his s/o was finding emotional solace in someone else, he would know it was a consequence of his insufficiencies

•He’s not immediately upset about it. But he might resent the fact that his s/o was even focusing on someone else in the first place. They should know better than to condemn him for his flaws. They might not be purposely condemning him, but that’s how Indra would take it. Honestly, he’d feel a little betrayed

•The envy will sprout and he might try to alter his attitude every once in a while so he’s more cordial. If not cordial, then at least considerate to his s/o’s needs and wants. He won’t go over board, but he would spend more time with them and make a point to ask them about their day. Little things like that 

•It takes a lot to really push Indra into the aggression that sometimes accompanies feelings of jealousy or envy. It’s if someone is bothering his s/o and trying to blatantly flirt with them that Indra doesn’t idle. He’s too domineering not to intervene. And he doesn’t take anyone’s shit. If you’re messing with his s/o, he’s not going to let you off with a subtle warning, he will upbraid you and threaten you on the spot. It takes his s/o calming him down to make him forget about it, otherwise, he makes a scene