I have something sort of similair here

Hashirama would want a shit load of kids. Boys and girls. He honestly doesn’t prefer one over the other. Boys are great because he can raise little mini-Hashirama’s, but girls are so cute?? He’d dote on a girl so much? To be specific about the count though, four or five is a good number. But he’s not opposed to trying for more. I’m convinced Senju are super fertile so unless his s/o does something to impede the babies, Hashi’s not gonna stop popping out the kids

Tobirama I don’t see having kids? That could just be canon Naruto verse blinding me, but even in a situation where he had a s/o and they were able to have kids, he might not want any. The first kid would probably be an accident (that potent Senju seed you feel me). At that point, he could say ‘okay we’re being more careful next time we can’t have another one’. But he might warm up to his first child and slowwwly but surely come around and be like… ‘I mean, if we get another one then okay. I guess.’ Although I doubt he would actively try for another one, if his s/o ‘accidentally’ gets pregnant again, he won’t be opposed to it this time. But I doubt Tobirama could handle more than a few kids. Like, two is probably his limit. Tobirama just isn’t a big family man. And Tobirama is probably hoping for boys, but he’s much more cordial with girls. Probably gets two girls and is like “Well fuck”. Can you imagine Tobirama dealing with two little girls who inherited his volatile, sassy attitude?? What a damn mess

Madara is another one I just don’t see wanting kids. He’s never really fantasized about a big family. He’s just not a family man either. I mean yeah he is, but he doesn’t know about having kids of his own. His s/o’s pregnancy would probably be an accident too. Although, there could be a time where he finally comes around and agrees if his s/o has been bringing up the topic of wanting kids. But I don’t see him having many. One or two. Three is a lot for Madara personally, but it’s possible. I can see him having a boy as his eldest, then two daughters