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Byakuya Kuchiki

The enthusiasm Byakuya
offers you tonight is unprecedented. It’s a rare occurrence, one you won’t take
for granted. When the chaste kisses down your neck turn hot and when his teeth
gently scrape against your skin, you know you’re in for a treat.

Soft lips make their
exacting journey down your chest, to your stomach, around your hipbone,
lingering there at the space above your thighs and making you shiver. He breathes hotly
against you, making the hairs along your skin rise and your nerves prickle.
The sensations swell when he slides his hands carefully down your sides, his
nails gently scraping the skin as they glide down. A pleased, drowsy sigh passes
your lips. He hears it, and likes it.

It draws his eyes to
your face, to the lax expression barely hindered by a twinge of anticipation.
If this tantalizing behavior had not been so unorthodox, then you might have begged him to continue, to stop teasing and get on with it. 

But this is not customarily in Byakuya’s arsenal of intimacy, and you fear this will be a one-time
endeavor. Work had been coaxing his attention far too often lately, and every
moment with him is one to be cherished in full. You imagine this deviation might
even be a consequence of the stress on his plate. But you’re not complaining.

Yet what fails to break habit is the bleak expression on his face, unreadable as ever. Only the
periwinkle gleam of his eyes betrays the façade, and give way to the amusement
wrought at the sight of you flushed and eagerly awaiting his next move.

“Byakuya—” you sigh
before even understanding the impulse. It must be the sight of him carefully
rising off the bed and kneeling on the floor, between your legs.

“You’ve been lonely,”
he surmises out of the blue, muted sympathy in his voice, though you suspect it’s more
of a shrewd observation. He noticed how despondent you looked as of late. It stirred unease within him, yet he could not find it in himself to compensate with words. Maybe this will serve as a better apology than words ever could, he thinks, as his lips move to the inside of your thigh, making you shiver.

“A little,” you admit
softly. He was gone so often. Moments like these were to be relished. If he couldn’t notice the eager smile on your face every time he came home after a long day at work, then he can surely witness how effortlessly your body responds to his touches. You’ve missed this.

The only answer you
receive is a deep hum, then all focus returns to your body when he notices the
wet mess between your thighs as he nudges them apart. 

His fingers finally find
your clit; the pad of his warm thumb brushes against it, back and forth, until
your legs are fidgeting. The other hand works meticulously along your breasts,
taking the hard nipple between two fingers and pinching, enjoying the hot
breath that spills from your mouth.

One deft finger plays
between your folds, and he’s prompted by the way your hips rise into his
teasing touch. Another of his fingers runs through the wetness between those
lips as he teases your clit with his thumb, coating the digit and drawing heat
to his cock.

Then his lips are there and you’re reeling. Your body
shudders, legs eager to close around his head, but strong hands take your
thighs and keep them apart, fingers flexing into your skin when he hears you

You almost feel the way
his lips pull into a vanishing smile, but he wastes no time, pressing closer
against you to run his hot tongue flat against your clit. You moan; it’s a soft
sound, but resonates as so heated and sensual to Byakuya’s ears that he breathes
heavily against you, and the sudden fervor of his tongue as it laps against
your folds has your legs tensing and trembling.

Byakuya—” This time, a choked whimper, as he runs his tongue down
your slick heat.

Byakuya never
understood the lewd inclination of men to treat women this way in the bedroom. This had always been more of an… extension
to sex, never a delicacy. But now, tasting you with every flick of his tongue,
the vivacity spreads through him and he’s almost worried by his sudden and
uncanny need to taste all of you.

Toes curl into the
sheets underneath you, your senses are scattered, so much so that you
reach down and card your fingers through his hair, eagerly tugging at the dark strands. Normally, you’re careful not to touch his
hair. As far as you knew, he did not
like his hair to be tangled and pulled. It was a steadfast reminder you always
kept at the back of your mind so as not to aggravate him. But now, it’s plain
to see your gesture has the opposite effect.

Though it’s a careful, considered move—almost
as if this were just an experiment to him—when he abruptly sucks your clit into his
mouth, your breath hitches and you can barely find the capacity to even think past the pleasure. Eyes fluttering closed, one of your own hands glides over your chest
to pinch the nipple he’s not currently tending. The plethora of sensations shoots
pleasure through your veins, and all the way down your body to the pool between
your legs. Byakuya licks up the reward the best he can. 

Writhing on the bed, your
fingers brazenly and unconsciously twist into his hair as his hot tongue
circles your clit, sucking on the hard nub every few licks in a teasing rhythm. He hums softly in response
to your moans and shaky whimpers, finding it more and more difficult to quell
his enthusiasm at the enticing, rewarding sounds. He has the uncanny urge to
comment on how wet you are—to comment on how pleasant you taste. It’s an
impulse he doesn’t understand, but one he’s sure he can come to appreciate…

In time with his harsh licks, he
makes a commendable effort of placing careful focus on your nipple, pinching
and rolling it, squeezing your breasts and enjoying the weight of them in his

Oh my… I—” Your hips grind up against his mouth, and he pauses.

Your heart flutters in disappointment and anxiety, wondering if you’ve aggravated
him. His head is bent, hidden from view, denying you the sight of his sly,
pleased smirk.

“Byakuya, I’m—” A loud sigh breaks
your voice as he slides a finger inside your slick heat; the wet sound as the
digit curls inside you has him humming appreciatively, and your thighs quiver.

The finger twists deeper inside
you, and he watches the pleasure twist into your expression. It’s only when you
continue grinding against his face, encouraged after receiving no reproach,
that he returns to sucking on your clit.

watches you writhe and struggle, enjoying the way you whimper when he
tantalizingly curls his finger at just the right spot inside of you—then he pulls
away just as quickly.

The whimper drops to a
disappointed whine, no less amusing to Byakuya. There’s little room for you to
complain when his tongue is still working wonders around your clit; you grasp
at his hair a little too hard as his hot mouth encloses around your sensitive
nub and nips gently, his tongue easing down between your folds to taste the evidence
of his efforts.

In less than a minute you’re shivering, unable
to muffle your cries as your hips shake. His mouth is relentless and hot,
working you closer and closer to your end until you’re dizzy and panting. His
name spills from your lips like it’s the only word you know, shooting heat down
to his rapidly hardening cock.

The way he licks and nips and sucks drives you
over the edge, has you gasping out a soundless cry as your back arches. A
breathy sigh passes his lips as he pulls away momentarily to suck in a quick
breath, but he doesn’t leave your wet heat for long. As his mouth returns to
you, the fresh slickness there is gratifying and he laps it up carefully, still
unable to understand his own desires.

The hypersensitivity has your body prickling
with heat and your breaths break into shaky whimpers as he works you down from
the orgasm. “Ohhh,” you choke out, a
breathless sigh that has no meaning behind it. Your brain is fogged with
pleasure, lungs stinging as you fight for equilibrium. You didn’t know Byakuya
had the ability to break you like this.

When he feels your body relax, he inspects your
expression, and finds that he likes the flustered, sweaty gloss over your skin.
He likes knowing he did that. 

Mindfully, he helps your legs slide gently onto
the bed and your muscles feel like jelly. He plants an almost uncharacteristically
gentle kiss on your inner thigh before rising from between your trembling legs.

You say nothing, but the haze in your eyes
says all it needs to. His lips twitch into a fleeting smile. Behind the smile
smugness is decipherable, a trait you normally condemn. Now, you think it’s
solicited. Arrogance is a trivial cost for that talented mouth.

Strength returns to you in the same
moment that he presses a knee on the bed and works the folds of his haori, no
longer able to endure the weight of his cock pressing against the fabric. Your
hands reach eagerly to overtake his task; you surprise him with the sudden
revitalization and he has half the mind to chastise you for being so eager—then he
realizes he has no room to complain, with the way he was on his knees zealously drinking up the slickness between your thighs just moments ago.

When your fingers wrap around his
cock he inhales deeply, staring down at you with expectation lining his
hard gaze. You don’t notice, and don’t imagine it would have dampened your
enthusiasm if you had. 

The euphoria that washed over you has slowly ebbed
away, quickly replaced by the exciting prospect of driving him wild with your mouth. It’s only fair you return the favor. Rewarding him is the only option you have now, lest you
be haunted by that smug smile of his for the rest of the week.

He glances at you
curiously, noting the anxious, hungry gaze in your eyes. Not that he’s
complaining, but he would normally not allow this brazen. It’s only the
pressure of your warm hands around him that quells his urge to scold you.

You glance up at him
through alluring, long eyelashes, pinning him with a deceivingly innocent gaze.
Just once you softly stroke him, and in spite of himself he leans into your
touch, even reaches down to grasp your wrist when you continue the teasing

He says nothing, but you
know the dark shift in his eyes tells you enough,
to quit the ruse now before his patience withers.

It’s exhilarating to
know you’ve wound him up this much. It’s the final spur you need before you take
the head of his cock into your mouth and suck hard.

His entire body shivers
at the delicious warmth and he tangles a fist in your hair, fighting hard to
stifle the moan threatening to spill from his mouth. He manages only a broken
sigh, still praiseworthy from a man as stoic Byakuya Kuchiki.

At the press of your sultry
tongue on the underside of his length, the fingers looping in your locks start
twisting, until he has a firm grip with which to maneuver your head to his

While such domination
would normally annoy you, the tense shake of his thighs as he quells the urge
to thrust into your hot mouth tells you he’s dying for your touch. His struggle
is a commendable one, and you plan to reward him.

You moan softly around
his cock when he urges you to take more of him into your mouth. The taste of
him has heat pooling between your thighs all over again. When your
tongue swirls over the sensitive flesh under the head of his cock, his hands
pull insistently at your hair, as if in protest. Enjoying the way a sigh
struggles out of his throat, you don’t follow the urging pulls of his hands,
instead swallowing down as much of his cock as you can. 

At the sudden sensation
of your hot throat around him, his hips buck backward, as if in an effort to
escape the immense pleasure. Your hands grip his
thighs and keep him lodged all the way in your throat. A tight, deep groan
escapes him and he sucks in a sharp breath. The hands in your hair twist for
purchase but he finds none, too wrapped up in the feeling of his cock buried in
your throat to concentrate on anything.

It’s only when your
lungs ache and you choke that you’re forced to pull away and suck in a deep
breath of air. In the interim, while his face flushes and his chest tightens
with heavy pants, you stroke him firmly with one hand and run your fingertips
over the head of his cock with the other. Your thumb presses against the soft
tip, rubs over the slit and his body jerks forward.

Byakuya watches you
with heavy eyes, indecisive in his actions. Should he scold you for being so
bold? Or should he indulge the pleasure? The way your lips purse
against the sensitive skin on the underside of his cock and suck hard shatter these thoughts, and all he
can focus on is the way your tongue insistently flicks against his bulging veins.

Unable to bear the
sensation without the risk of coming too soon, he tugs at your hair urgently and
holds you down with a rigid gaze.

“Slowly,” he commands
you, the atypically frail voice only proves that your mouth is scattering his

The tone is
nevertheless authoritative, but you have the nerve to smile.

Not an arrogant smile,
which would have undoubtedly roused his frustration. He would have briskly
upbraided an arrogant smile by flipping you over and fingering you until tears
flooded your eyes, then left to read over some reports just before you hit the
brink of your orgasm. He could be merciless if you dared test him. 

But that would be too zealous, and Byakuya is not a
zealous person. He can endure a faintly insolent smile for the time being. As
long as you keep impressing him with that pretty mouth, he’ll allow you it this

He releases the hold on
your hair and not wasting another moment, you busy yourself with slowly and
generously running your tongue along the sides of his cock. You lick a stripe
up the underside, up to the head, dipping into the slit and humming at the salt
that meets your taste buds.

Byakuya shifts on his
heels, immediately regretting his earlier command. The teasing licks and sucks
make his impending orgasm painstaking. He’s vaguely concerned with how much you
seem to be enjoying this little ruse.

Your eyes lock with his
as you pump his dick slowly and swipe your tongue along the leaking tip, the
unyielding gaze he shines down on you not as intimidating as it should be. When
you suck firmly on the head and roll his balls in your palm, his knees twitch and nearly buckle. It’s the smallest of motions, imperceptible enough that he
thinks you won’t notice. But you do.

“Sit,” you tell him,
sliding from the edge of the bed and onto the floor as you maneuver him to switch

The authority in your
tone is in no way candid. You imagine if it had been, he would have certainly berated
you. Regardless, any hovering thought he had to comment is again
pushed to the back of his mind when you stroke his cock in slow, but heavy strokes.

Byakuya sucks in a
sharp breath when you take him into your mouth again, enticing eyes never
leaving his face. The punctuated, wet sound of your cheeks enclosing around his
cock makes his face burn, uncertain as to whether the sound is perversely fascinating or vulgar. Whatever it may be, you accommodate every lick and slurp
with a demure, pleased hum that has his stomach tightening in knots of

It’s almost a crime to
look this good while sucking him off, Byakuya thinks. A lascivious crime. No
one should look this good with their
mouth full of his dick, eyes watering and mouth coated with saliva.

He hisses as your teeth
graze across the sensitive flesh, not nearly enough to override the pleasure,
but enough to have his body sparking with heat. As you bob your head, sliding
your sultry lips over his cock, he threads his fingers through your hair,
letting his grip tighten at the roots in a punitive retaliation for using so
much teeth. Unfazed by the punishment, you suck him down harder, sliding your
tongue back and forth on the underside of his length, enjoying the way it
ushers more salty pre-cum into your mouth.

Byakuya makes a low
sound, much lower than a groan, almost bordering a growl—he can no
longer overpower the urge, and his hips snap upward unexpectedly. His cock sinks
to the back of your throat and you choke, gag, try to swallow around the head, and that has his legs shivering.

He groans as his cock is
enveloped in the wet heat of your mouth, and he thrusts up slowly into the warmth,
exhaling shaky breaths every time the head hits the back of your throat. You
glance up at him, refusing to let your eyes stray from his, making the heat
coil low in his stomach. The pleasure comes in crushing waves and scales until
his pride is a distant concern.

He curses under his
breath, growing restless with the short thrusts into your mouth, flustered by
the choked noises you make around him.

Byakuya’s breath comes heavier
now, movements less precise with the onset of an orgasm. Does he usually comes
this fast? He can’t remember. He can’t really think at all with the way your
throat tightens around him and your tongue swipes relentlessly across every
inch of his cock. And it’s that talented tongue that proves to be his undoing. 

A tight groan escapes him, your hot tongue flicks against a particular spot
that has the knots in his stomach snapping and heat shoots deep down
his body. You moan around him
desperately, and his body stiffens as he comes down your throat. 

You choke,
fingers digging into the milky skin of his thighs as you swallow the thick gush of
warmth. It fills your mouth as you rub your tongue in circles around the
sensitive tip, until his hips buck in protest and he practically yanks your head away.

You release him with a
pop, and he’s disconcerted to see you’ve swallowed his cum. You even make a
point to slowly run your tongue over your lips, catching any remnants that
dribble out of your mouth.

When you rest your head
on his knee, he brushes the hair from your forehead and examines you hazily. He
won’t deny the appeal of afterglow, unnecessarily messy as it may be. You sniffle
and clear your throat, work your jaw in an effort to relax the stiff muscles

When silence persists, you lift your head to look at him, a weary smile finding your lips as you enjoy
the abnormal sight of his sweaty, flustered, beautiful face.

“Did you like it?” The question is impulsive, and your cheeks flush on instinct, but he’s too dizzy to care.

He lets his head fall
back, eyes closing as he tries to subdue the hot tremors in his body. With a tight exhale through his nose, he breaths out, “Don’t patronize me with a question like that.”

You chuckle quietly as pride fills you, careful not to let him hear. That would ruin the fun. Then you rest your head back against his strong thigh and close your eyes.